HP Z600 2 x Xeon X5675 48GB vs HP Z620 10 Core E5-2680 V2 2.8GHz 64GB


I'm Wondering if you can help me to decide.

I want to upgrade my HP Z600 to HP Z620.

I was thinking to upgrade to a HP Z840 but currently way to expensive.

The specs of my PC are 

2 x Xeon X5675, 48 GB ram 

The HP Z620 Specs are:

HP Z620 10 core E5-2680 V2 2.8GHz Max 3.6GHz 64GB ram not sure what speed.

I'm not including the GPU and Hard Drive The Z620 comes with NVIDIA Quadro K2000 Graphics,  500GB SATA Hard Drive and I'm Planing to transfer my Currant GPU GTX 1060 6VB ram, 500 samsung SSD Evo 850 and 2T SSHD firecuda into the new sysytem.

So is it worth to upgrade? is a 1 Xeon E5-2680 V2 will perform better than 2 x Xeon  X5675?

Or should i wait save up and get a HP Z840?

Kind Regards



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  • Oded I'd save for the Z840.  The jump to a DDR4 workstation will be a very nice upgrade from the Z600 workstation.

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      Hi JBigticket


      And so I did I saved every penny and sold all my old tech and got a HP Z840.

      I really went overboard with this one.

      Here are the specs.


      Dual Xeon E5-2690V4 

      Quadro M2000

      124G DDR4 ECC 2400Mhz


      Please watch my YouTube video 




      The down side was the 512 ssd wasn’t as I thought but was a King spec 512 SSD.

      According to LinusTechTips he recommended to buy this SSD as a present to someone you don’t like.

      Later on when my son broke his monitor upset loosing in Fortnite( just don’t go there) I ordered online click and collect(as we are on lockdown) a 24” 60Hz Dell Ultra Shard for him(not going to get him something better if he is going to smash it).

      When I arrived to collect the monitor the technician that I bought the HPZ840  from approach me and told me that I mention when I bought the machine I thought it’s going to come with the HP 512 PCIE SSD.

      And than he told me that he have one and if I bring the king spec back he is going to replace it for me.

      Day after I brought back the King spec and followed your video installed easy the HP 512 SSD(which had a Samsung nvme 512 inside with similar specs to the Evo 960 250g nvme.

      I replaced the M2000 with GTX 1060 6G Alienware and added a 2T SSHD.

      System is beautiful love it.





  • Thanks Jbigticket 

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  • You are not constraint by 4 cores like the majority of the gamers, so is not worth the hassle. 

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