what better for gaming number of cores or higher frequency?



I want to upgrade my HP Z600 and get HP Z840 with dual Xeon E5-2690 V4 14core 2.6 to 3.5 max.

I currently have a Z600 with 2 x Hex core Xeon X5675 3.06 to 3.46 max.

I will use it for gaming and editing.

I wander if you can tell me if I going to see any deference in gaming performance if both CPU’s max are close 3.46/3.5 even if the E5-2690 V4 have more cores.

As far as I know gaming is more higher frequency than number of cores.

Or the architecture of the newer CPU will improve game performance.

Is the only deference I will get between the two systems is the PCIE of the Z840 are gen3 and the ram DDR4.

Do you have any recommendations?


King regards

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  • Oded you will certainly see a big spike in performance upgrading from a Z600 to a Z840 workstation.  You'll get more cores, faster cpu's, faster memory, faster io slots, a higher wattage power supply etc...  

    Plus, you'll be able to easily boot to NVMe M.2 SSD's if you choose to use them.

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  • Hi and thanks for your reply

    I got another question for you I want to make a budget PC for a friend.

    I found on eBay two cheap options. 


    HP Z600 12 core Workstation 2x X5660  / 48GB RAM /1x Quadro FX380 / NO HDD for $350AUD


    OR HP Z620 8 core Workstation 1x E5-2660 2.2GHz / 32GB RAM / Quadro 410 / 1TB HDD

    For 450AUD?


    Should I go with the newest system with the 8 core E5-2660?

    Or the 2 x X5660 older CPU’s?


    I have a Alienware 1050ti that I’m going to install in which system I will choose.


    Probably will install free copy of Windows 10 and the older system I will have to buy a hard drive which going to make both system end cost the same.

  • Higher frequency .

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  • I think, gaming is "better GPU" not  higher frequency or number of cores.

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