HP Z800 Boot time fail some times and boot time very slowly


I have a Z800 and i have an issue with it.

When i boot the PC with SSD evo 850 it take about 1 minute and 30 seconds if i use SSDHD 1T it take 2 minutes to boot.

some time at boot when you almost get to welcome screen the PC shut it self off and some times will freeze.

There are no programs enable in startup accept anti virus and windows defender.

Specs are 

GTX 1060 GPU, 2 x Xeon X5676, 48G ram ECC 1333MHz in 12 x 4G sticks Windows 10 pro SSD evo 850 for gaming and Seagate SSDHD 1T for editing.

I have HP Z600  that boot up 40 second with SSDHD and 30 second with SSD.

HP Z600 specs very similar

GTX 1050, 2 x Xeon X5675, 48G ram ECC 1333MHz in 6 x 8GB sticks, Seagate SSDHD 1T, Windows 10 pro, 

I also get Less score in cinema bench with the Z800

Z800 score 1365

Z600 acore 1460

What can be wrong i have 3 month warranty should i return this machine to the shop for refund?

Any suggestion? 

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  • Oded it's been typical for us to have a 1 to 2 minute boot time using the Z800 depending on the amount of memory we have installed, or if we made hardware changes.  You could do some troubleshooting to try and diagnose if it is a hardware issue.


    1.  Decrement the memory down to 16GB, and then add 2 modules back at a time to see if this makes a difference.

    2. Reload your OS

    3. Remove any add on cards


    It's all addition and subtraction until you find out what is causing the error.

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  • Thanks for the reply 

    I think the problem was the GPU it’s to big and I can’t put the plastic cover in and had to leave it out of the case this cover not just for air flow it’s also to push the card and keep it firmly in.

    the thing(don’t know how to call it) that holds the card firmly in the case isn’t clip in properly and the card stay loose a bit not like in the Z600which is clip in.

    I removed the 1060 card and installed a 1050 back in the Z800 instead which is smaller and could put the cover back in barely but manage.

    System works perfectly now no issues at all.

    Installed the 1060 back in Z600 and it works perfectly.


    Kind regards

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