Powering the Dell T7910 with 3080 TI

I'm running a Dell T7910 Workstation with a 1300w PSU.  I'm finding out that even though it is 1300w, it may not simply support an RTX 3080 TI (w/ 2 8pin powers) when stressed, otherwise the system just shuts down in those moments.  It just happens that even though the system is capable of a dual CPU, I've only run a single CPU, leaving additional power for the GPU (maybe).

Can anyone confirm if there is a workaround with the use of maybe some PSU adapters?

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  • Wheaticus Orviticus we've run in to the same shut down issue using a 3080 Ti in a T7910 Workstation.  We ended up resolving the issue by replacing the power supply.

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  • For what its worth, this isn't the most ideal way to resolve the problem, but for me it is fine for the moment.   First off, removing the back panel to reveal the power distribution card, I noticed that there are three 8pin vga power plugs, two for CPU 1 (and one of those is an 8pin connector cable being converted to two 6pin connectors which I removed) and then a third 8pin vga power connector and cable which I moved to replace now empty secondary 8pin vga power connector.   That takes care of the proper cabling for my 3080 TI (mine requires only two 8pins).

    The second step was to add the free MSI Afterburner software and 'undervolt' it (YouTube it if unfamiliar, they walk you thru and is very easy), which is recommended to optimize the power use of the system, especially for when it is closer to idle.  But also helps prevent the spiking that can occur which can cause a shutdown.

    So, the system probably isn't reaching its full potential, but in a pinch this got me back up and running.

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