T3400 upgrade guide


Landed here from the Youtube channel but have exhausted my google skills as I’m having issues identifying the parts I would need to max out an upgrade for a Dell Precision 3400 that my job tossed half a decade back. 

My biggest issue is identifying the memory modules to purchase along with the graphics card to upgrade. Finally, what is the most powerful cpu it could handle? 

The machine is stock. 

There is no budget limit but want to work with the existing motherboard, unless there is a recommendation to replace the motherboard.

Frankly, I just don’t want to toss a machine that I may find use as a possible nas server, file server or media server for the home.

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    • Gorilla Warfare Gracias my good sir! 

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  • Pedro E Matos Hey Pedro, we haven't made an official upgrade guide for the Precision T3400 because it is DDR2 based and a bit too old and slow for modern day gaming/CAD projects.  

    • Jbigticket23 No worries as I’m more interested in using it as a linux file server. Most guides I’ve run into point to the T3500 which is understandable. The link to yhe compatible DDR2s was of great help as I can maximize the upgrade for this machine and was the missing link I was missing as I got every other component. Thank you for the follow-up. I will be visiting this community as this build has opened my eyes to the second-hand pc/laptop market was not aware of due to consumer training we are indoctrinated into buying brand new high end machines.  

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