Twin T5600's

After having so much fun upgrading a T3600 for my son to game on, which was my first dive into doing much more than turning a computer on, I've been on the hunt for some new machines to use around my home office. Photoshop mostly. Recently I came across a couple of T5600's I was able to pick up for a mere $160/ea so I jumped on them! Each freshly loaded with a single E5-2643, 32GB's RAM, a Firepro V5900, 256GB SSD and a 2TB SSHD, these should be some awesome upgrades to our old machines. There is plenty of room to grow and I intend to! My goal is to build these very similarly upgrading the graphics cards to Nvidia's and eventually running dual in sli if we decide to play a few games. I may add some more RAM and possibly a better/dual processor. I'm reading about the heat issues that can come from dual CPU's so I will have to continue researching if that will be the best for me. For now I'm quite happy! 

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  • Dustin Shropshire It looks like you found a good deal! 


    Noctua makes some pretty good aftermarket heatsinks.


    This is a pretty good one:  

    NH-U9DX i4

  • Ok after thinking about it a little, the T5600's are going to make a better gaming rig with the SLI compatibility (I think). So I want to set my T3600 up as a Photoshop rig and re-equip one of the T5600's as a gaming rig. So here's my plan: 

    I am looking at buying an identical GTX 970 SC to the GTX 970SC I have in my T3600. I would like to run BOTH GTX 970's in SLI in the T5600. (I am not sure which SLI bridge I will need and hope to get some suggestions.) BOTH cards are 04G-P4-2974-KR.

    I would then put the FirePro V5900 into the T3600 assuming it will work. Before I go buy the other card and find an SLI bridge does anyone see any potential issues? 

    Should I plan to invest in another E5-2643 and cooler that was linked to get maximum performance?


  • Or should I just look for a better single graphics card?

  • Dustin Shropshire a single graphics card would be best.  The T5600 has limited SLI support for specific NVIDIA Quadro Cards that wouldn't work well for gaming.

  • Hi Dustin, just found out about this site and joined a couple of hours ago.

    QUESTION: Where oh where did you find a pair of

     T5600s for $160 each???

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