Dell 5810 power supply mods / options?

I just got a refurbished 5810 off ebay, unpon receiving it I fed it only had the 425 watt power supply. 

I called the refurbisher and Dell and I couldn't get a 100% certain answer if I could just upgrade it to the 685 watt psu with out any mods or replacing the power pin adapter. 

Has anyone done this or gotten a non dell psu and attached it to the motherboard? 

Is the 425 watt adapter directly interchangeable with the 685? How about the 825?

Are there any safe after market psu or psu from other dell models other than the ct 3 3 one? 

I did see your video about the ct3v3, but there is also a dell 685 watts psu that's cyp9p - is that one not compatible? Or can it work with the motherboard, but only after swapping out the adapter? 

Any help here would be much appreciated! 

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  • David P it's an easy upgrade.  No mods are required.  You will want to use an actual Dell 685W Power Supply.  I know this one works:


  • So I finally got a hold of someone who knew for sure the correct way to do the upgrade - at least from my model /serial number you have to replace the adapter pin, as well. 


    So you can't just plug it right into the "hot swap" power port because the pins won't match. 


    As for the motherboard it will take any of the long as your also change out the adapter. 

    I was able to get a package deal of both for $50 - oem dell, but refurbished w/ a warranty. 

    Which wasn't too bad. 


    Being that I bought the whole pc for $250 I'd never pay over $100 for a power supply. You could just about buy a whole new workstation for that price. I've seen some scratch and sent ones for $150 as well as really good ones with a 1650v3, 34gb ram, win 10 pro, and 685 psu for about $400

  • For reference in case anyone else is looking :

    All of the power supply adapter cards for the 5810 are identical (Per Dell ^ see link)

    All of the motherboards should also be identical - or at least if you have two 250 watt

    pcie 3.0 slots just look at the board and add the watts up - it's way over 425 or 685...

    The only thing you really need to pay attention to is the power cable itself.

    If you have a 425watt psu and use the same cable in the 685 or 825 watt power supply

    your going to have major issues.

    The 425 watt cable is only 18 gauge and maxes out at 425 watts.

    You need at least a 16 awg cable for the 685 and ideally a 14 awg cable for the 825.

    I believe they are only about $10 direct from dell or most computer stores - it uses the

    universal pc power supply plug.

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