Hello GPC Gamers, T3600 MSI Radeon RX480 8GB Upgrade (or down?) Question


Longtime lurker first time poster..ehh some stupid questions of course what else you expecting as first post. Please forgive me for this horrible moment but I have to ask.

I have a T3600 with 24gb Ram Xeon E5-1620 v0 a classic cpu you can find on a cheap set up to be honest so my setup is not too shiny as yours but I'm having big fun with the Asus GTX 1650 4GB gpu.

I just bought an MSI Radeon rx480 8GB (cheap 2nd hand) but I couldn't install it because I don't have a two 6pin to single 8pin cable it is still in the post but I got single 6pin to 8pin cable.

I watched the GPC Gamers T3600 upgrade on youtube dual 6pin to single 8 pin used.

-So big question is: What happens if I power the Radeon 8GB with single 6pin to 8pin adapter?

-Moron question: Replacing Nvidia 1650 GTX 4GB with Radeon RX480 8GB is an upgrade or vice versa? I played a lot of games with 1650 so I can tell the difference if I can install this card in T3600

-and last one, I can not find a T3600 Upgrade topic why? T3600 is that bad?

sorry but to be totally honest, last time I was tinkered with a PC OS was Windows 98, then laptops, phones, ps/xbox series then I quit my xbox one s last Christmas or very next day and find the true way bought a T3600 because I like to carry it around and mark the walls.

Thank you very much for your precious time.

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  • just checked it is 635w psu

  • Hello,

    Sorry for the delay. As long as your power supply has the wattage to support the video card you can use a splitter. I personally haven't seen video cards that would reject such a configuration. 

    As for the speed difference between the cards, There is about a 10+FPS difference in favor of the RX480 over the GTX 1650 not to mention the 8GB will be a big help too, but overall it will vary based on the kind of games you play.

    As for your last question: It's not that the T3600 is bad, it's just since the forum is still have a small userbase there are not too many people posting about the machine. The T3500 predates your T3600 but it's been mentioned. Over time the forums will eventually cover the both the HP and DELL range of workstations. 

    And there is no need to be apologetic for your choice of machine. We all have machines that would not fair well against the latest and greatest on paper, but in the end can rival or even surpass them with the right upgrades. The machines we use are what we make of them and that why you can say we're all here! 

  • I used the 6pin single to 8pin cable but it works perfectly fine but installation did not end well RX480 is too big I can not close the case cover and I can not remove the handle underneath case cover there's no screws, any idea to how remove the handle?

  • back to GTX 1650, I even installed in optiplex 3010 sff, best card ever, no power needed and Turing; real joker not a joke.

  • As long as you're happy with your results that's what's important. The Dell Precision TX6XX series sticking point in regards to large video cards was always the door latch mechanism being in the way. Cards that fit in the prior TX5XX series such as the MSI GTX 960 will not work in the later generation due to the size of the fan.

    While the Dell Precision series was not designed as gaming machines nor advertised as such they are great machines for performance and price once they enter the used market.

  • yes I am happy as a donkey with a carrot, now I am looking for a solid but cheap workstation can take MSI AMD Radeon RX480 ARMOR OC 8GB Polaris Graphics Card 269 x 125(offending number) x 38 mm and I've got an eye on a Z600 with handles to carry around and mark the walls more of course...

  • I watched the GreenPC Gamers Z600 Gaming Upgrade on youtube that's why I am looking for a Z600 

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