My Custom T3500 Design

Not a great picture, but I cut out the side panel and put glass in behind it. Ripped out a lot of internals. Currently have 20gb of ram, x5690, upgraded 700w psu, 1050 ti and 500gb ssd. I am looking to upgrade to a 1650 super since it would not bottleneck, but if anyone knows of a better gpu that would not bottleneck i am open to suggestions. The front panel is painted black and the grate underneath the circular dell button is orange. Also painted orange and black decals on the top.

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  • That looks great! I would say you're safe going up to a 2060 super or 1080ti with your current config. 

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    • stormson weathers Looking at the bottleneck calculator, both of those cards would bottleneck 36%. Would those still run better than an un bottlenecked 1650 super?

    • jake tappe Yes, they will still run better. I wouldn't trust a "bottleneck calculator" since it does not take into consideration any real world computing usage and only calculate what specs is presented. Some calculators do not take into consideration the extra cache memory on a Xeon or RAM speed and the fact that applications and even different genre of games (RPG,FPS, RTS, etc) task the CPU and GPU differently based on how they were coded.

      The forum section of Tom's Hardware also makes note of this:

      I've personally used a 2060 (non-super) on a x5675 (Precision T5500 dual socket) without any issues. While my use case may be different from yours,  It won't hurt to have something extra (regardless of a bottleneck) that you can carry over when you're ready to upgrade to a more powerful machine in the future! 🙂

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    • stormson weathers 

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    • stormson weathers thanks for the info! Now I just have to try and find a 2060 super as close to msrp as I can!

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