T3500 Workstation Power Supply Upgrade

HI...  I'm a former Intel Silicon Apps Eng...  always an Audio/Video producer.

11 years ago, I chose the T3500 (New from Dell) to use as my ProTools HD Native workstation.

Years go by, OS no longer supported, Upgrade, upgrade ,.oh and ...UPGRADE!!

So, After looking deep into the T3500 MB architecture and CPU socket, I initially wanted to improve performance for ProTools HD Native, and more processor intensive WAVES plugins.

So I replaced my stock QUAD core XEON processor with:

Intel Xeon SLBV7 X5670 2.93GHz 6.4GT/s 12MB L3 Cache Socket LGA1366 HEX Core... for 12 logical cores/threads.

With the ICH10 Chipset, I had to update the BIOS to server version Rev A17. Intel Rapid Storage HAL,  V 10.0.19041.1151.

Then installed 48GB of RAM... CORSAIR Vengeance Pro Series DDR3, QUAD Channel, 1600MHZ  RAM.  Added USB 3.1 and 3.2 and USB-C Expansion (keeping USB license keys and some USB MIDI stuff on the 2.0 ports). Added 24 TB of external USB storage and changed ALL internal drives to 1 & 2 TB SSDs including another 1TB M.2 on the bus. Also added Bluetooth and 5G wireless LAN on the PCI slot with a StarTech PCI to PCIe X1 Riser... and wired GbE.

Boot time with this configuration is <15 sec into Windows 10 Pro. Depending on projects... I can change out the boot drive (in 4 min) and return to my original Win 7 Pro 64 drive... and now it's a Win 7 machine. (Due to Waves Plug-in rip offs.. long story) STLL the original Power Supply!

I call this machine "FrankinPuter" ...as it sits now with ORIGINAL MB... it's a BeAsT!

Not that this is practical... but I can almost edit 4K (4096 x 2160).  The bottleneck now for video production is the GTX 1050 ti (at the time...1080HD GREAT! 24-bit 48KHz audio production and mastering... Great). Now, Video frame rates are choking at 1080P when video comps get 1 layer deep. So... AGAIN, I need to upgrade GPU. Going with RTX 2080 or RTX3060. But I need more JUICE!!

FINALLY... to the POINT!! (haha)  I'm looking to upgrade stock PS to 750W with additional GPU power.  I saw that Jay did a PS upgrade on YouTube... BUT,

The power supply he used (EVGA 700B), which is now discontinued. I was wondering if anyone has qualified the newer EVGA 750BQ, 

110-BQ-0750-V1 Bronze.

ANY help would be appreciated. I really only want to do this once. This beast still has lots of life left!



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