HP Z420v2 Build - Blinking red light on motherboard

Just received a new (refurbished) motherboard from my usual supplier - yes, it's v2. Tested & Passed.  This is my 7th or 8th system I've built successfully (except this time) using the HP Z420v2 motherboard. Red light near tiny rear power button flashes. My plan is to turn this machine into a high-performance gaming machine according to GreenPC Gamers instructions but wanted to get it running stock first. 

Pretty much everything is stock:

*16GB HP DDR3 Server RAM in the recommended slots. 

*stock HP 700 watt power supply

*stock NVIDIA QUADRO FX 380 graphics card, 2 DVI connectors

*Samsung 1TB SATA SSD properly connected

The only deviation is the LEPA closed-loop, Liquid cooled, CPU cooler, which I have used successfully several times before, fan & pump connected. Rear MEM fan connected, front fan connected. 

Any thoughts as to what might be the cause, what I might check? Puzzled. Thanks in advance for your help. 

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  • After almost 30 years in high-tech I'm beginning to believe in Dark Magic & Gremlins when it comes to building computers. I've probably built 80 systems over the past 25 years and I've yet to have everything working perfectly the first time. I fiddled with this and fiddled with that and low and behold (after several memory changes) the HPZ420v2 booted up, steady blue light, recognized all 64GB RAM, great benchmarks. Who knows? 

  • Watch the PSU , Apevia power supplies are horrible quality. If you want your build to be protected get a decent PSU.

  • Gorilla Warfare: thanks for this information. I have used several APEVIA PSU's in some of my builds. I have also used Thermaltake and Corsair, all with good results. I have an 800 watt APEVIA in a PC build that I did two years ago and is performing well. The Corsair was a semi-modular PSU, which is the direction I'm going in the future. I'll keep you informed as to the reliability and performance of the APEVIA PSU's that I have out there. 

  • With Corsair as long as it's not a VS series or the older CX or CXM models , they are usually fine.

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