My T7810 Build - So pleasing to see so many people recycling workstations!

First off, so happy that I found this site, its beena wealth of knowledge on my build! I picked up a T7810 that had a single e5 2696v3 cpu with 16Gb ram.

I've since added:

* an additional cpu - x2 E5 26936 v3 = 36 cores 

* doubled the ram to 32Gb (i'llsoon go to64Gb) 

* added a pcie nvme ssd card (looking at the asus x4 nvme with RAID in the future)

* replaced the old quadro with a GTX 1080ti

* added x3 WD RED 6tb to be in RAID 5 on the dell h700 adapter with a 240gb ssd cache (used a "hot swap" 3.5" bay in the 5.25 emptybaynear the dvd drive

* added a500Gb sata ssd for VDISK storage for VM's


It's been a labour of love, and just waiting on 1 more SAS cable to arive for the H700and it will be finished!

She doesnt look pretty right now, but once the final pieces come, she'll be all wrapped up and ready to go

Planning to look into throttlestop and attempting to boost the core freq to around 3.0GHz 


This has all been so much fun so far..



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  • Sweet build! You finding that 1080 ok with the 685w PSU? I hope to get a Geforce as soon as funds and/or luck allows!

  • Thanks! yeah so far so good wotj tje 685w PS. I've only tried some light games so far but I'll soon get my TopGun on and install DCS World and see  how it goes! 

    I think my next mod might bearound CPU temps. The stock is ok, but idling is around the 50 mark. 

    As you said, as soon as funds/luck allows!

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  • Mine was getting a little warm. Have you seen my dual exhaust fan mod? Might be a bit tight for you though with your cards, but may help. 

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