Dell 7810 - upgrading the NVidia Quadro K4000 without having to do Modifications

Hi, I have a Dell 7810 with NVidia Quadro K4000.

I used to have a NVidia GTX 460 on a previous PC (which I still have). This actually gives better resolution and a better quality picture than the NVidia Quadro K4000.

I play light games but mainly use the PC for graphics and work - so the question is what graphics cards would be an improvement and give me a better quality picture (I dont really need 3D rendering or CAD - just want really good quality picture for studying photos)

My power supply is 685w and I don't want to change that, so I am pretty much looking for a better graphics card that I can swop out and will give reliability and will fit in the PC case.

I am willing to spend, so not looking for a budget option or the cheapest, the quality of the resulting picture is more important, but hopefully several graphic cards options.

Any advice appreciated.

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  • My rig: 7810 with (x2) Xeon E5-2643 V3 processors, 64GB of 2133P (8GB x 8), 685w PSU, and upgraded fans/heatsinks. If you get fans, make sure you know if you have a Square-ILM or Narrow-ILM socket. I'd highly recommend improving the thermals so your card doesn't suffocate. Also, go in BIOS and set front fans to like 50%. The Noctuas look great, but I don't like my PC looking like a Starbucks Mocha Frappe. I got the AresGame 25s for Square ILM, but I also had to modify the mounts and I have a plexiglass side panel that I custom-fit. The Ares 25s stick out the side. Noctuas will do you great.

    I run an XFX RX 6600 CORE 8GB (Non-XT model) and I don't lag at all doing 1080p gaming. I play Modern Warfare 2019 on High graphics getting about 100FPS and no bottleneck. I've played Mad Max, Fortnite, SWG (old game), Forza Horizon 5, and much more on High-Ultra with no issues. She'll even sample up to 4K with Radeon Anti-Lag and Super Sharpening enabled. I'm running Windows 11 Pro on it too. Monitor is a 27" Samsung P2270HD monitor and it's crispy like a Granny Smith Apple. I'd highly recommend the 6600 if that sounds like it's up your alley. No need to go big if you only do light gaming

    I bought my RX 6600 for $400 new months ago, but they're $300 on Amazon now.  If you're willing to spend, check out recommendation in our 7810's straight from GreenPCGamers.

    As you can see, I'm happy to answer questions and provide run-on explanations, so feel free to ask more lol! 7810-4-Life! 😁👍

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