HP Power On/Off Switch and LED, CPU fan?

Hi Jbigticket

I trying to move a Z400 motherboard to a deference chassis I'm having problem as i don't know what order to connect pins eg power, reset, LED.

Can you give me an image how it should be connected?

Also I'm trying to use a normal CPU fan that have 4 pins but CPU i have a converter from 4 to 5 is it going to work?

Can you send me a link were can i get converter from normal PSU to the Z400 motherboard?

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  • Hey Oded we've never tried this chassis swap.  We posted the ATX -PSU adapter cable on our Z400 upgrade guide.  If you end up figuring out the power switch fix, can you post it on this thread?

  • ModDIY.com stocks pre-built ATX to HP-non standard power jumpers, in a sleeved and unsleeved version. Working for me right now like a charm.


  • Also, I don't have the link in front of me but I'll try to dig it up (it may be addressed on this site as well - I arrived here knowing this was an issue) - there's some sort of temp sensor jumper that apparently is sleeved in with the wires running to the z400 stock case's power switch, and that sensor jumper has to be un-sleeved from the power switch wires and preserved and re-plugged after you move the motherboard to the new chassis - allegedly the board won't post without it connected.  I'll look for the link when I have a minute - it came from a builder that did a youtube video of building a gaming chassis based machine out of Z400 guts.  he discovered he needed to dig out the sensor jumper and re-use it.

  • I have a z420 and looking to do a case swap and running into same issue with power switch. Its proprietary to the motherboard and through my research you have to splice the connection with the new case... I could use some help

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