7600 giving up on SAS going SATA

Been banging my head on SAS on/off for months.  Got lots of drives, if interested...  I think the perc 310 is the issue, or possible the cable.

So I have the right SATA drives- slide into 0,1

Perc is gone so cable goes where?  On board, 2 ports.  Left or right.

What boot software has to change?

Am I forced to use the Intel raid software now....  ugh  whats the setup procedure...

what about bios AHCI or something...

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  • Sas is usually plug in play like sata. It may be your cables if the perc is showing up on boot. If not then it could be the controller at fault. I wouldn't recommend using the onboard Intel sas controller since on two different 7600 machines they disconnect the drives randomly.

  • I've written a piece about replacing the sad card with an adaptec variant at this link:



    If that's a no-go I see nothing wrong with using SATA on that machine over sas.

  • Windows don't see the SATA drives, wants me to load a driver.  Seems the dell drivers needs windows to install them??

    What I am I doing wrong?  do I need to install the intel controller in the bios , Than do a Crtl I setup of drives(procedure) than windows will see the drives, or do I just need a driver from some place?

  • Well after many more hours, I final got windows to install on the drive..... (NEW EVO SATA AS PER GREENPC).  But After the 1st restart....  It forgot everything and began a new install like it was it's first time.

    So I played with this and tried every option to try to finish the install

    Tried every option on Advance repair - no go forced to restart

    upon restart it would see old Windows but would only allow me to section it off and begin a fresh install.  (probably could do that over and over til I ran out of disk space, never achieving a working copy of Windows)- BBAH HA HA

    I think the issue is the LOAD DRIVER using https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=jv4jn&oscode=w764&productcode=precision-t7600

    The only way I got windows 10 to see the SATA DRIVEs connected to the MB was to load Win8 SAS C600 chipset driver,  strangely the Win8 SATA C600 chipset driver seemed to load but came back to load a driver.-don't work 

     Win 10 did not see any other load driver files extracted. 

    In Repair options, I went to the command prompt c:\  (wanted to see if I still actually had a functioning hard drive) - I did.  I saw setup.exe, so I figured I would try restarting the process from there but it gave me an incompatible version error.  So I am thinking a Win8 SAS driver may be the issue.  Seems the game here is to install windows and than run the update which fixes the drivers and adds the irste GUI.  I am chasing my tail dam it

    But for now I am Stuck.  I read how several people had to use the onboard SATA drive (-CD DVD) to get windows to install and than were able to use the normal drive ports...

    Just an FYI-Booting I am able to do a CRTL-R and see the drives correctly with the intel utility.

    I am going to look for newer drivers, and/or hope I get some good advice as I am still FUBAR.  Other option I am considering is installing Windows 8 or 7...  95?  and doing a DELL analize me/upgrade...


    PS- If I didn't have (2 x 8C Xeon E5-2687W 3.1Ghz 20MB 8GTs Processors) , 256 GB of PC12800R ECC memory, and a Brand New EVEA GEFORCE 1660TI I would have moved on to a newer machine.  But I got the makings of a solid workstation with tons of slots, ports, drives plus cheap spare parts.....  Also Why the hell am I the only one having all these problems?  It seems upgrading OLD Windows to new windows was the path that dell did the work on.  But wiping everything and trying to load the latest version of windows is a tricky bastard.  If I didn't see the f-ing GreenPC video that worked in 2 mins I wouldn't be so frustrated (BS VIDEO).  Forgive my arrogance.  I am VERY technical.  Technical enough to know that it often is just doing things precisely in the correct order.  Theoretically it should boot right up in windows and go to MY windows update and download the latest drivers for everything, making it perfectly optimized for it's maximin performance.  But you got to buy an off the shelf NEW machine that has been just made with the latest components and software.  There is no money in backwards compatibility.  With the stall in processor advancements and a crazy GPU market, it's difficult for PC manufactures to come out with a NEW next level PC with blatantly obvious performance increases.  When Moore's Law was humming upgrading from a 286,386,486,Pentium, really made a difference.  BLAH BLAH BLAH... Sorry for the rant....  I sound like an asshole. :-(   Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • You've done good so far! It can be ruled out that your cables are good and the PERC card isn't working either. It stands to say that you may have to grab a replacement SAS card if you feel up in doing so. I found this MegaRAID card that's a good replacement for the PERC and fairly affordable if you're in the U.S.


    While that card is listed as a RAID card it can boot from the BIOS and work with in individual or RAID mode and you can mix and match SATA or SAS drives without *trouble (some 2019+ SAS drives may not work with it, but it's been rare - SATA drives are still fine).

    The T7600 is a great workstation that I also use as my daily driver and can fully understand the time and money you invested into yours to get it running. Don't let this get you down.

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