HPZ420 Card slot issue with PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD on adapter card

I have an HP Z420v2 motherboard. I am running an EVGA GTX 1080ti graphics card, which sits in Slot 2. I currently have the PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD in a adapter card in Slot 1. I have the Soundblaster sound card in Slot 5. The M.2 NVMe SSD performance is not where it should be. It was OK but when the drive was partitioned the speed deteriorated. I'm guessing that having that adapter card in Slot 1 is an issue. Unfortunately, the Graphics Card is too wide to fit in Slot 5 and the corner of the adapter card hits the transistors at the end of the card slot, the card is long as well. The Soundblaster card won't run in Slot 1. Any thoughts as to where I can slot the three cards, where they will fit AND give me optimum performance? Thanks in advance. 

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  • In slot 1 , the NVME won't run at it's rated specs regardless of the partitioning.

  • Gorilla Warfare, thanks for the reply. The Samsung 970 NVMe SSD drive in a DMLIANKE PCIe M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure M.2 to USB 3.1 card DOES work in Slot 1 but the performance benchmarks using AS SSD tool are dismal. I believe the more accurate answer, at least on the HP Z420v2 motherboard I have is, "It doesn't work very well." I tried it in Slot 4. The system boots up, I can go into the System/BIOS but the drive doesn't show up. I'm guessing it's because it's PCIe and not SATA. When I get past the Setup it tries to go into Windows 10, I get the spinning dots under the Windows Logo but after about one minute, the screen goes blank and I'm forced to reboot. I really want this to work but I can't seem to get past the spinning dots under the Windows Logo, never actually getting to a useable Windows 10 environment. 

  • You lose performance, based on the bandwidth of the slot. It's 2x4. 3.0 X 4 would be the best scenario.

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