T5810 MODS & Notes

I'm new member, just created an account. I like my rig that I just bough. Posted an image for good reference.
- I have questions
- There are few things, i'm not familiar with. 

I have HDD and some gen SSD SATA plugged into sata ports.
So, two HDD that im looking to revamp.

1. 2TB m.2 nvme (OS running) or something better THAN the one I currently have SSD SATA

2. for Storage I want to move to PCIe.  
   Pcie adaptor from amazon and (2) 2TB M.2 on that card. for storage.

3. That video card I have.
    I need to bump it up to   Quadro M5000 (150W stock)

Memory is at 64gb
NOTE: Will be updating the bios with putting storage on pcie? or will the pcie will pick it up?

NOW, will that 425W   PS handle the upgrade
I'm hoping to make this ONE stop thread for all the topics.
Thant way, it can be seen, how it all came together.

BASICALLY:  Who else has this set up? Got pictures? What kind of mods made to you T5810
What is the tightening torque spec. Like, how tight, should I be tightening that HEAT sink?
I'm planning to pull the heat sink off and put some fresh (current) thermal paste.

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  • You will need at minimum the 685w PSU for your setup. 425w is too light in terms of power.

    I have a T5810 so I know hat to use for the setup.


    What CPU are you running?

    • Gorilla Warfare 

      E5-1620 v3.

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  • Decent CPU .

  • I've recently purchased one too: E5-1620 v3, 16GB, 512GB SSD with 425W PSU. 

    The card is currently a Quadro K2200 - I have a spare GTX 1050TI, which, as it's only a 75w draw, I presuming I can replace the Quadro with without needing to upgrade the PSU?

  • Yes I would think you would be just fine to keep that psu with a 75 watt card.

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  • Mods...heating issue overclocking a 1650v3. Went to a supermicro 4u cooler that had to be modified to bolt down to the Dell standoffs. Made a vrm heatsink from an old one I had lying around and yesterday modded a chip programmer to pull the bios from it so I can totally unlock it and have full overclock control. Bios is pulled now to start changing stuff on it. Hoping for an all core stable 4.7ghz overclock.

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    • Rob Frank Hey man, out of curiosity, how did you end up making that VRM heatsink? If I'm correct, that's where I think my 3600 got fried and I'd like to avoid that if at all possible for the 5810 I just purchased. I have a feeling that a heatsink like the one you've installed on the VRM (which I'm not even sure what that stands for haha) could only help.

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      Vrm is voltage regulating module. The mosfets on mine got hot enough to burn you under load. The board is laid out for a heatsink that was never provided from Dell.....I had an old ibm server that I stole the vrm heatsink from and cut off a couple fins to shorten it. Drilled holes and used some spring pins from some old geforce card I had. Honestly I'd like a better one. If I ever get this bios figured out to really clock this thing up I'm going to mill a block of copper to cover the caps,mosfets and chokes and then attach large copper finned heatsinks to that. If you make one be sure to get some non conductive thermal pad to put on it so it presses down on the mosfets.

  • I am pretty sure you cannot overclock OEM boards like Dell, it's not Asus, and I think they also need to have a clock generator soldered onboard for that. Me personally I wouldn't want to overclock a machine that I want stable as a rock.

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