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I have to ask a question

can a gigayte gtx 960 gpu fit in t3500?

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  • What is the pn of the graphics card?

  • I grabbed a gtx 960 myself was a pci 3 gpy but these gpu don't work in my hp z800 I also grabbed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti which didn't work gave me beep errors 6 beeps and power button was red once I removed it system was fine thus gpu doesn't need power 

    • Eric djNOS The GTX 960 is backwards compatible with pci 2.0, but without the specifics of who made it, part number and if you got it used or new may help in finding a solution to your problem. As for your z800 I'm not to verse in that line to offer any constructive input beyond the basics.

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      Eric djNOS 

      This is strange I have a Z600 V2 with 24G ECC ram and 2 x X5650 came with Quadro 4000.

      I replaces The GPU with GIGABYTE 1060 3G didn't have any issues at all run smoothly the GPU only require a 6pin power that the system have.

      depending on which manufacture the GPU made it will have deference power connector some will came just 6 pine some with 2 x 6 pins some with 8 pins.

      I picked up a GPU with 6 pins because that what I had in my system if you using a converter dual sata power to a six pin power sometime it want work.

      What was the original GPU?

      Z800 shouldn't have any issue running 960 or 1050.

  • Eric djNOS There are so many variable that could be causing the cards not to get video in your Z800 Workstation.  When you put the original card back in the Z800, does it work again?  If so, what model is the original card?

  • Muavvaz  Yes, it will fit, but depending on the CPU and RAM you have you may experience some lag

  • For the main topic can a gigayte gtx 960 gpu fit in t3500?

    according to many videos on Youtube it can.

    whatch this its in Portuguese but don't really need to know Portuguese to understand it works.

    DELL T3500 Precision - GTX 970 PNY - xeon W3690 Hexa Core - DELL T3500 - 8GB WINDOWS 10 PRO 64 BITS

  • I have run a GTX 950 in a T3500. (Close but not exactly your card.)


    Looking in the case, most large video cards fit.


    Search for images with "T3500 motherboard case" Remember that this is a BTX case, so the metal thing with 2 hard drives on it swings out of the way. See if you think it will fit.


    Here is a pic of a very large video card in a T3500. Maybe you can measure the lengths of DIMMs and expansion slots to calculate the maximum card length it can take?


    Sadly, the service manual does not give a measurement.

  • You can install any GPU you want, a friend of mine installed a EVGA GTX 1080 ti FTW3 so it has plenty of space, you just need to remove a drive tray. 

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