HP Z600 vs HP Z620

I basically have access to a 600 or 620 from a work offlease. I am adding a amd 570 graphics card to one and wonder if I'm better off with the 620 or 600. i haven't looked inside but I assume that they are both single cpu machines.Will be looking to keep my input costs down. Which machine am i better off getting.  

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  • From a HP forum member who works for the company - "

    The Z600 supports the Intel 55xx (Nehalem) and 56xx (Westmere) processors.  These are 1366 land (pin) CPUs.  The Z620 supports the next generation Intel E5-16xx and E5-26xx processors (Sandy Bridge EP).  These are 2011 land CPUs, and are physically larger than the Z600 CPUs. 


    The Z600 CPUs are totally different than the Z620 ones, so they cannot be used in a Z620 motherboard. 


    The Z600 RAM can be used in the Z620.  Since the Z620 support 1600 memory (all memory speeds depend on particular CPU), and the Z600 had a maximum memory speed of 1333, the 1333 memory will probably work in a Z620 but will not run at the higher speed possible with some Z620 CPUs."

    Personally I'd go for the Z620 as it has a newer motherboard.

  • Remember to keep in mind that the HP Z600 and Z620 both have a V1 and V2 System board.  You'll have to keep that in mind when picking between the systems because the V1 and V2 systems can sometimes support different types of processors and memory.




    They are both DDR3 based workstations and they both support up to two Xeon processors.


    Major Differences Between the HP Z620 and HP Z600 Workstations:


    Power Supply:


    We'll start with the power supply because it is a very important component when building a Gaming or Cad PC.  You'll need a decent wattage power supply to install a mid range to high end graphics card.


    HP Z600 V1/V2 have a standard 600W Power Supply (This could limit your GPU options)

    HP Z620 V1/V2 have a standard 800W Power Supply (This is more than enough for most GPU's)




    HP Z600 V1/V2 Supports up to 2 x 6C Xeon X5675 3.06Ghz 12MB 1333FSB Processors

    HP Z620 V1 Supports up to 2 x 8C Xeon E5-2687W 3.1Ghz 20MB 8GTs Processors

    HP Z620 V2 Supports up to 2 x 8C Xeon E5-2687W V2 3.4Ghz 25MB 8GTs Processors




    HP Z600 V1/V2 Support up to 1333Mhz Memory Speeds (Using 10600E or 10600R Memory and a CPU that supports 1333Mhz)

    HP Z620 V1 Support up to 1600Mhz Memory Speeds (Using 12800R Memory and  CPU that supports 1600Mhz)

    HP Z620 V2 Support up to 1866Mhz Memory Speeds (Using 14900R Memory and  CPU that supports 1866Mhz)


    In our opinion the HP Z620 would be the way to go because of the faster IO Speeds and the higher wattage power supply.


    You can find more info about the HP Z620 and HP Z600 Workstations on our blog pages:


    HP Z600 V1 Blog Page

    HP Z600 V2 Blog Page

    HP Z620 V1/V2 Blog Page


    Let us know if you have any questions and thanks for posting!

  • Also Z620 have USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports and Z600 only USB 2.0

  • well I'm up and running

    i have this config :
    Case : z620 
    Cpu :  1 * Xeon E5-1620 
    Ram : 48 GB (6 x 8GB PC14900R ECC Reg Modules (48GB)
    HDD : 500 GB Barracuda
    SSD  : Kingston UV500 120GB 2.5" 3D NAND SATA  Boot drive

    SSD:Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB PCIe NVMe still to be installed (waiting for PCI adapter to come in)

    GPU :GIGABYTE Radeon RX 570 4GB

    Monitor: Acer GF276 Abmipx Black 27" Full HD Gaming Monitor, 75Hz, 1ms (GTG), AMD FreeSync,


    SO far just playing Apex legends.(mid to high settings) Before I installed the GPU it had a NVIDIA NVS 510 in it. I could play apex on the lowest settings without problems. 


    I may upgrade the CPU in the Future but i suspect that this configuration will work fine for me. unit didn't come with a riser board so i wont be adding a second CPU.


    Plan on getting these games


    Rainbow six siege


    League of legends

    possibly COD 4 

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  • Thanks for sharing.

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