T3620 NVMe SSD - more info?

Hello! I recently obtained an almost complete Xeon Precision T3620 with only the hard (or SS) drive missing. It had everything else intact - the NVDIA card, a 512 Gb NVMe SSD, and 16 Gb of RAM. I replaced the NVDIA card with a Radeon RX460 card and tried booting it up, and got nothing. Not even the BIOS screen. I came to the realization that the NVMe card is not a replacement for a SSD/HDD. I want to make this a gaming PC for my hubby. Do you have any recommendations for an SSD? I'm on an extremely tight budget, and am hoping to find a 320 Gb SSD for around $30. I figure I can upgrade the drive later, when I am a bit more flush, yet get the rig running with this. We want to be able to run the game Rust on the system, and I plan to load the game directly onto the NVMe card. Apologies if I'm using the wrong technology. Also - I'm assuming I just need to pop in a disk drive, load Win 10 from a flash drive, and then connect a dongle for wifi access, and start downloading drivers and Steam. If that's not correct, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for having this site - it's very informative! <3

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  • Please send me the service tag and I’ll see if I can help you get video.

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    • Jbigticket23 Hello, the service tag is HF1HMN2, the express service code is 37914794462, and the mfg date is 20180417. Please let me know if you need anything else. I appreciate your help.

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  • my bad, the NVE drive is 512 Mb :-( 

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    • Rita McKinney Your system has a dedicated NVMe M.2 Slot.  However, the NVMe M.2 wouldn't stop the system from posting/getting video.  Did you make sure that the system has a processor installed?  According to the service tag, it originally shipped with an E3-1270 V6 Processor.

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    • Jbigticket23 The IT dept yanked the hard drive out of it. I'm not concerned about the video. I am trying to make this into a gaming PC, and was hoping the NVMe card would run the OS. I will install a hard drive and see how it goes. Thanks for your help! ~R

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    • Rita McKinney I understand now.  You should get an NVMe M.2 SSD for your boot device.  


      This is a good one:  Crucial 1TB P1 NVMe M.2 SSD 

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    • Jbigticket23 

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    • Jbigticket23 perfect, thanks for your help!

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