Activate HDD SATA ports on t3600 motherboard

I purchased a used T3600 system a while back and want to add more hard drives to the system. Have found the only SATA ports active on the motherboard are the SATA0 and SATA1 ports, so I am unable to add any hard drives if I want to keep the optical drive connected. I have located a link that describes this very problem and a solution involving a bios update (, but my bios is more recent than the one they are suggesting will fix the problem. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and found a different workaround? Am running Windows 7 Pro and bios installed is A15 dated 5/2017. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Marty Thering are you saying that you are not able to enable the other SATA ports in the F2 Setup?

  • correct.  doesn't even present it as an option.  The 'solution' referenced in my original post has one reply that states if the H310 PERC card (which my (all?) T3600 originally shipped with) is removed, the bios - if running the 'new' A07 version (apparently available in 2012, based on date of post) - will automatically recognize and enable the HDD ports on the mobo. However..unless they removed that capability in Bios A15 (the Bios I am currently running) , or some earlier version, no such luck...

    I should let everyone know that I am no means a computer geek...know just enough to get myself in trouble (or so it seems...).  that said:  thanks for your reply!

  • update:  after I thinking more about Jbigticket23's reply, I thought I'd take one last  look in the bios to see if there was something I was missing...and - not surprisingly - there was: in the SATA/Raid sub-menu. I had been looking in the Hard Drive submenu, among others...just not the most obvious:  Had not looked there closely because I was not running a raid setup...just a single 1TB SSD...but that's where the 'switch' was. At the bottom of the interface - clear as day - it states this 'function controls the HDD0-HDD3 SATA slots on the motherboard'. Enable or disable...simple as that.  Oddly, it also says it controls the SATA0 and SATA1 mobo ports, but for some reason they were working (which is how I was able to boot to OS in the first place). I thought I had opened and read every submenu to try and fix my issue, but I missed the most obvious.  

    Sorry for having bothered the group for about such a simple fix.  Thank you Jbigticket23!

    • Marty Thering I figured my clue would help you =)  I'm glad you figured it out.

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