Dell Precision T3620 Upgrade question


I have a Dell Precision T3620 that i would like to upgrade, I would like to know if the 9th generation of the Intel's cpu will be compatible? I currently have an i7-6700. I would also like to know if i could add more fans than there are? If yes, how much fans could i add ? Thanks

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  • izeeqo The T3620 doesn't support 9th gen cpu's.  You would have to upgrade to the Precision 3630 to install 9th Gen cpu's.

  • I wanted to upgrade for multimedia use (conversion, video editing and multitasing), I currently have an Nvidia quadro k420 gpu, 8gb ram and intel i7-6700 cpu. Will it be possible to change the cpu by putting a better cpu, more efficient than the i7-6700? and for the gpu, could you give me an idea of an optimal gpu for multimedia use please ? Thanks

    • izeeqo You could upgrade to a I7-7700K CPU Step Code: SR33A.  The T3620 doesn't have good support for cpu's with more than 4 Cores.  


      What software do you plan to use for editing?  Some software suites use mainly CPU and some use mainly GPU for rendering.

  • I often use adobe premiere pro and adobe after effects, sometimes pinnacle studio. I also do video conversions with several softwares (mainly with handbrake and wondershare uniconverter)

  • Adobe Premiere Pro is CPU intensive.  You might have to consider upgrading to a workstation that will allow you to install a cpu with more cores.  


    Some good models:


    Dell Precision T5810, T7810, T7910, T5820, T7820, or T7920

    HP Z440, Z640, Z840, Z6, Z8

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