T3500 HDD low performance. Hi, I wanted to know if you can improve the speed of my hard drive since it is 7200 rpm but it is very slow thank

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  • I would look into getting a decent 500GB SSD. HDD's aren't really worth using in most instances, unless it's general storage.

  • Hi, you're WDC WD5000AAKS was first on the marked begin 2007, so it is kind of a old model. However, on SATA/300 it should reach 95 kb/s, with optimal drivers. In the Bios is you're SATA operation on ATA or AHCI? Don't change it yet, otherwise you're Win10 will not boot, but AHCI is the best option.

    How to change:

    to switch operation from either IDE (or RAID) to AHCI within Windows 10 without having to reinstall.  Here’s how.

    1. Right-click the Windows Start Menu. Choose Command Prompt (Admin).
      1. If you don’t see Command Prompt listed, it’s because you have already been updated to a later version of Windows.  If so, use this method instead to get to the Command Prompt:
        1. Click the Start Button and type cmd
        2. Right-click the result and select Run as administrator
    2. Type this command and press ENTER: bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal
      1. If this command does not work for you, try bcdedit /set safeboot minimal
    3. Restart the computer and enter BIOS Setup (the key to press varies between systems).
    4. Change the SATA Operation mode to AHCI from either IDE or RAID (again, the language varies).
    5. Save changes and exit Setup and Windows will automatically boot to Safe Mode.
    6. Right-click the Windows Start Menu once more. Choose Command Prompt (Admin).
    7. Type this command and press ENTER: bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
      1. If you had to try the alternate command above, you will likely need to do so here also: bcdedit /deletevalue safeboot
    8. Reboot once more and Windows will automatically start with AHCI drivers enabled.
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  • Hi,

    If you're using the onboard SATA controller then you're limited to SATA-2. The only way to max out your HDs on that unit would be to invest in either a PCI-E SATA-3 card or a SAS card. Also, even if you get an SSD, your SATA connection will still be bottlenecked by the onboard controller.

  • As for your specific HD, even at 7200RPM S. A.  is correct about changing the drive parms from ATA to AHCI, but depending on your workload, you will still more than likely see fluctuating speed results. However, There is a easier way to switch to AHCI mode and that's to install the Intel's chipset drivers.


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      stormson weathers You can install those drivers, but in the end, if you don't change the Bios from ATA to AHCI, the system stays in (slow) ATA mode. The drivers won't do that for you. Furthermore, those drivers will not install under Windows 10 (I tried it, I have a Optiplex 760, as listed in supported systems, you'll get a "This operating system is not supported", just as it says in the supported operating systems: XP and Vista).

    • S. A. Thanks SA, I stand corrected. My T3500 test boards are currently in storage so I'm mostly working from memory when I was using Windows 10 on them. I apologize to everyone for the mis-information.

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      stormson weathers hey thanx, but that's no problem! I don't even have a T3500, but it comes tomorrow by mail, upgrading from a Optiplex 760 => T3500 W3503 with 4Gb and updating the CPU to X5670 and memory to 32 Gb. I think (and hope) I've read everything about the T3500, and that's the reason I found this/ you're site. I like the site very much! I'm from Europe (Netherlands) so getting on greenpcgamers.com was difficult, because you get a: "Due to recent regulations we do not currently offer our products to European customers", but I figured it out, and with a certain VPN it worked (try-ed 2 others, but they did not work). Anyway, thanx for the reply!

  • Test with AS SSD https://www.alex-is.de/PHP/fusion/downloads.php?download_id=9

    My scores are here. If you're controller is on AHCI it will say so (where the 2 "OK's" are). If you hold you're mouse on it, it will say which drivers are loaded. More you cannot do for optimal speed of HDD, or get an SSD.


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