My latest build - Z440

Hello. Just signed up to the forum today. I have been messing around with old workstations for about 10 years. I have built over 20 but have only sold about 5 of them in that time. It's definitely an addiction!


This is my latest that I will use for a mix of work and entertainment as usual. 3D CAD, rendering, photo & video editing, gaming and casual browsing. Running dual LG 27" 4K monitors and 2 sets of speakers for side-by-side gaming when a bro comes around.


Specs are:

-Standard Z440 chassis with optional fans, duct and 700W PSU


-128GB 2400MHz ECC RAM

-4x Samsung 860 Pro RAID0 array

-2x Seagate 8TB RAID0 array

-4x Samsung 970 Evo Plus (about to play with software RAID) 

-RTX 2080Ti

-Basic WiFi and Bluetooth card

-Asus Xonar DG sound card (for the optical output) 


I'm enjoying finally being able to play at 4K 60fps with settings maxed or nearly maxed in my favourite games - even if I do have to leave the side panel off to let it breath/run quieter. Still half considering a case swap but that quickly snowballs into looking at PSUs, gaming motherboards etc.


Anybody know of software that allows manual chassis fan control on the Z440? I have used SetFSB, Speedfan etc. on previous machines but can't see any controls for this one.

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  • 128GB ECC memory? i7-6950X doesn't support ECC memory, and HP Z440 doesn't support desktop CPU's. You must be joking.

    • uco73 No joking here. I had read elsewhere of somebody trying other i7s of this socket type and it working with the ECC memory. The top V4 Xeons are still too pricey for my liking so I thought I'd take a chance and put the best i7 in instead. So far so good 👍🏻

      Now I look at the best gaming X99 motherboards and wonder what this thing would be like with a good overclock but it would realistically mean buying the motherboard, PSU, non-ECC memory etc. Plus from what I have read the X99 boards were generally not very reliable.

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