Dell Precisions are the cat's pajamas

First off, I really want to thank GreenPCGamers for starting this community and providing amazing build guides. The RAM population on the 5810 may have beat me if I didn't have you folks! Turning workstations into gaming PCs has been such a fun hobby and it still feels like it's a well-kept secret. Looking forward to meeting some cool peeps and helping those who need it.


(Optional back-story)

Just joined the forums last night. Been following a while and I really dig this. I've had a blast with our Dell Precisions. It all started in Nov 2017. The kid got a used XFX RX580 8GB XXX Black Edition from his mom. She paid $150 for it (used) and it was spotless. The seller used it for a month while waiting on his NVidia card. We only got it because of the Oculus Rift S. My 970a-UD3P board, FX8350, and R9 270 finally met their match after 5-6 years lol. Also, the RX 580 didn't work well on the 970a board. Dunno why I even tried. I'm sitting in the floor thinking, "What do I do now?". It was the boy's birthday, he's been doing good in school, hoping for an Oculus, and can't even play it. I was flat broke to top it off. As I'm sitting there, I glance underneath my bed. Staring back at me is a Dell Precision 5810 absolutely covered in dust and had been sitting for over a year. My old IT boss gave it to me because he kept getting the RAM type and population wrong. He wanted to get rid of it and I was like, eh whatever I'll take it. Didn't realize the best freebie of my life was right in front of me. So I clean it off and pop it open. I see the PCI-E slot and Google the capability of its Xeon E5 1620 V3. Light bulb moment! I've been in IT for 15 years and it never occurred to me I had a powerhouse just wasting away under my bed. Gets easy to overlook expensive, capable equipment. I fell in love with it and it's been CHUGGING for almost 5 years. The kid is constantly running it and he's a rough one. Never an issue or minor speed bump. There were some insignificant stutters recently, but I ran Dell Command Update and installed 60+ Xeon drivers in the optional section of Windows Update. Poof! Stuttering fixed! No clue why and didn't care. What a machine!!!



I've been modding these things like crazy, which I will share. All custom, Frankenstein type stuff lol. Just got myself a 7810 ($350 total), put 2x E5 2643 V3s ($125 total) and 64GB of 2133P RAM in it (Getting some 19200r soon!). I'll admit that I did get an XFX RX 6600. I could've chosen a better GPU, but I doubt I even need to explain that choice. The performance blows my mind. The 6600 and 2643s have like a 30% bottleneck if I remember correctly. Still getting about 120FPS in Modern Warfare 2019. Sometimes higher. Couldn't be more happy and I'm looking forward to posting my full 7810 build. Just fit an Aresgame River 5 CPU cooler with a minor mod to the mount (Square-ILM, it DOES NOT fit Narrow ILM). Most impressive cooler for $35. Didn't feel like buying those ugly mocha frappe fans from Noctua lol. The second cooler arrives tomorrow, so I'll post after installing that and fitting my custom side door. Really looking forward to this community. Got some goofy mods to post lol. I'm here to help anyone who needs it! I love to spread IT knowledge and I'll do my best to participate in the community.


Awesome job, GreenPCGamers!!! Thanks!

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  • I upgraded my 7810 to a 7910 recently . Got a pair of 2667 v3 cpus , 64 gb ram , a pcie card with 4 nvme drives , and a 1080ti. I went with the noctuas for coolers. I need to replace my 1080 ti , it doesn't fit in the case at all. I think i went a little overboard with the nvme adapter and drives. I got one from dell for my 7810 ( which i gave to my son ) and then got one off ebay for my 7910. It is nice to have 4 tb of high speed storage , but the card and the drives ( Samsung 970 evo ) cost more than the computer . I can tell you that if you want to install windows on an nvme , turn off sata in bios , install windows , turn sata back on . I don't know how to properly compare it to much , it scores 23500 on firestrike and 9500 on timespy , 5843 on cinebench for one processor on multicore. I play war thunder and it usually stays above 200fps , and i watch youtube or netflix on my second monitor at the same time. My next project is trying to overclock e5-2687v2 in a 3610 i have , just because it'll be interesting. My son uses the 7810 for steam vr. It has 2620v3 cpus and a 980 ti . I noticed a difference between the 2 , but he doesn't seem to mind if the graphics aren't set to high.

    One side note , i only got the noctua coolers because the 7910 only came with 1 cpu and 1 cooler. My 7810 still has the Dell coolers and they actually work pretty good. When you  take the shrouds off they look like they have more fins than the noctuas. Any knowledge you can share will be great , i'm a machinist so this is just a hobby , i might be doing this all wrong , but i don't mind being told how to do it right.

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  • Very nice!

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