E5-1660 vs. E5-2687w


I upgraded a T3600 from the pathetic E5-1603 (4c/4t, 2.8 GHz) to an E5-1660 (6c/12t, 3.3 GHz/3.9 GHz). I decided on the E5-1660 since that CPU has the highest base and turbo clock speeds available for these boards, and I'm more concerned about the CPU handling gaming than multi-tasking. I had considered the E5-2687w (8c/16t, 3.1 GHz/3.8 GHz) since it has two more cores and comparable clock speeds, but opted against it due to the higher TDP (150 W) and the higher cost (almost twice as much, used). 

However, now that I may have the CPU temperature under control, I have been considering the E5-2687W again. The used prices are also a little better than they were when I was looking at them a few months ago. I also have a second T3600 that I can put the E5-1660 into, but I've been considering a cheaper E5-2690 for that upgrade (test server).

So, does anyone have any real benchmarks or comparisons between the two CPUs? It seems kind of hard to say the E5-1660 is 2.63-6.45% faster than the other when the E5-2687w has two more cores. I know a higher clock speed is better when it comes to games, and many games still aren't utilizing more than four or six cores. But, how do the two really compare? I guess it depends on the game. Sure, I could shell out $100+ and find out on my own, but I'm hoping someone else has already done it.

Anyway, rambling over. Just wondering if it's worth it at this point.

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