Is there a way to default the bios on a T5810?

Is there a way to default the bios on a T5810?  Bought a T5810 at auction. no hard drive or video card.  Added a card and can not get a display no matter what I try. Power light comes on white, no post beeps or flashing power lights, tried the Quadro card from my T3500, no help.  Any suggestions? Or is it new motherboard time?  I believe this unit came from a city govt. entity and they may have had it set up for some non-standard video output option instead of auto-detect.

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  • I own 2 T5810's , never had an issue with cards working.

  • I would remove the power plug , remove the cmos battery and press the power button for 30 seconds unplugged then reconnect everything that will bring your bios to default. I can stress enough that you must use two adapters to power on the graphics cards. The second 6 pin must converted from a sata plug. I have an rx 590 that is very power demanding and I have no issues once I used the proper adapters.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, though I'd already tried them multiple times and every other trick I could think of or find on the web.  Been messing with this when I have time since December. Have still not really found anything that actually says "do this to default the bios on a T5810"  Did find a couple threads where someone had to call Dell to get it done.

    Gave up, got a motherboard off ebay. It came right up using all the same components.  I do see where the bios will let you assign a certain slot for video, and the missing slot shield was not the one for the standard slot 2 where the other cards fit...  And of course I don't have a video card the will fit that slot...  so may record the keystrokes to default it, re-install it and try again next winter...  or not, it's working now.


    This one only has the 425W power supply, should I think about a 685W before going to a faster graphics card? (Think I know the answer,,,) Any recommendations for use with the PS I have?  Not wild yet about putting too much more into it.  Have not checked on power consumption totals for this. Too many other projects now... 


    The Quadro 600 card is an older one and does not have the  aux power connector.  The ATI Radeon that does is now in my T3500 and working fine.

    Would have replied earlier, didn't like my password and took 3 days to get it to reset.  took forever to get the emails and when I did it told me the window had expired,,, this morning it worked just fine,


    thanks again

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