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Ok second time around on this. Bought a 5810 for myself after building one for someone else. I have an e5-1650v3 xeon and using throttle stop it overclocks well. Actually better than the first one I messed with. I can get 4.5ghz by hardly doing anything. However to get it to an overclockable state I must power the computer on, open throttle stop and then put the pc to sleep. Sometimes once and sometimes twice. After that my multiplier and voltage control is unlocked. Now I never figured this out on the first one I did for someone so I decided to not overclock it so I didn't have to explain to someone some stupid way of getting it to work. However for myself I'm going to make this badass and I don't mind just working on it. So ultimately I'd like to increase cooling and get this thing around 4.7 and load it's overclock profile at start up and be done.

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  • Ok I just see a discussion over on the hardforum and got rejected while trying to join but oh well. Anyways there was talk about throttle stop not working on these machines and someone had a bios programmer. What I have found is if throttle stop is opened and you put the pc to sleep and then wake it you can do your all core turbo. Which on the 1650 is 3.8ghz. I have a 2640v3 as well but I have not tested it. If throttle stop is opened AFTER you have done a sleep wake cycle you can do whatever overclock you want if you have an unlocked cpu like the 1650.  What I'm curious about is if the bios did get modded for all core turbo if that would ultimately unlock throttle stop without doing a sleep wake cycle.  P.S. I really like playing with Dell workstations because my budget permits it. I'd really like these forums to take  off so we can see what we really can get out of these systems.

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  • Another update. Running folding @ home it will run all day at 4.5ghz. trying an actual stress test like prime 95 or linpak results in having power limit throttles. I suspect that the vrm is overheating.i will be swapping out the cpu cooler with one from a t7810 which is a decent amount larger and better designed and I will be making a heatsink for the vrm mosfets.  I may also be having a capacitor issue with the vrm. That has yet to be determined.

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  • I would love to know the results of your endeavors!

  • Just running stuff link folding at home I got a stable 4.6ghz. however there seems to be a current limit in the bios I cannot get around. Even at 3.9ghz linpak spikes it at 158 watts and it throttles. Doing something less intense I'm capped at 4.6 as the voltage needed for 4.7 hits my wattage limit. I bought a chip programmer and pulled a bios dump and had some help from some people over at biosmods. They were trying to get the overclocking menu un hidden without luck. Looking through my un packed bios myself I know what settings I need to change but I need someone smarty than me to tell me how I can modify an efi file within the bios. I can extract it and read it but I don't know how to change it. I've probably flashed the bios chip on the board with an external programmer about 2 dozen times so far. Haven't had time as of late to continue but I will get it figured out and I'm confident with my modified cooling that I should be able to get atleast 4.8ghz 6 core turbo.

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