High CPU temps after upgrading

I just replaced an E5-1603 (4c/4t 2.8 GHz) with an E5-1660 (6c/12t 3.3 GHz/3.9 GHz) in a T3600. The idle temp before was in the upper 30's. After upgrading, it's idling in the low 50's.

I pulled the heatsink and had applied too much thermal paste, which is brand new Arctic MX-4. The second time I made sure it was around the size of a pea and in the center. I ran Cinebench R-15 and hit 76 degrees, which is better than the 90 I hit the first time before reapplying paste. Cinebench R-20 maxed at 78.

High CPU temps don't seem to be uncommon with these workstations, but I'm a bit surprised at the jump considering the TDP is the same (130 watts) for both processors. I'm glad I didn't go with the higher wattage E5-2687w. The heatsink is pretty fool-proof since it screws into the motherboard, so I don't think there could be an issue there. Does the CPU put out that much more heat due to hyperthreading and turboboost?

Does the thermal paste take some time or a few cycles to "cure"? I can't imagine it would change more than a few degrees. Should I try reapplying again? I could try another brand, but I hate to buy more.

I read the thread discussing the Noctua heatsink, but would rather not spend that amount on a heatsink or go through the effort sourcing the bolts. Someone mentioned on reddit having good results by replacing the stock fan with a Noctua and using an adapter or rewiring the connector.

Any other thoughts? I don't want to pursue any more upgrades if I can't get the temp down in a reasonable manner.

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  • Totally normal, with an upgrade like that. Try changing the CPU fan speed in the BIOS. It will be louder but will run cooler. 

  • cowboy_wilhelm Noctua makes some nice aftermarket heatsinks that can be modded to work on Dell workstations.  

  • Gorilla Warfare Jbigticket23 The idle temps were much better after starting in the morning. The cores are around the mid-30's, so it doesn't seem like a bad application of thermal paste now. After 30 minutes of running and using Chrome , it's still in the low to mid-40's as I type this.

    It seems like there is definitely an airflow issue with these cases. I'm working from home in a small bedroom that heats up a bit with all this electronic equipment running during the day. But still, the difference is 72 degrees (F) in the morning and around 75-76 during the day with everything running. That shouldn't cause the CPU idle temp to be 15-20 degrees higher.

    I turned the system fans up to high (BIG mistake), then down to medium, and was able to achieve idle temps in the mid to upper 30s when it was previously low 50s. Setting the fans to medium is too loud, so I may have to pursue some Noctua upgrades. Bit of a bummer, but what do you do?

  • The Noctua upgrade needs some slight modifications to the mounting setup on the CPU.

  • The CPU is idling in the upper 30's with a Noctua fan at 100% on the stock heat sink. The CPU fan adapter did not work, so the PWM wire is disconnected. The temperature would have probably been similar anyway. The Noctua is louder at full speed than the stock fans were on auto/low, but it's significantly quieter than the stock fans set to medium. It still reached 80 running Cinebench, though.

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