Lenovo Nvme booting and MoBo swapping

I have a Lenovo ideaCentre G5 with an

i5-10400, with GTX 1650 which my son is using as a base to build a gaming pc with. I know this is a entertaining level gaming pc from Lenovo but he wants to change the chassis with a custom box and add RGB fans and lights. It uses a m.2 2242 NVMe512gb ssd as it’s only drive and already has windows 11 on it. Can the motherboard be used in the new build or does he need an new MoBo. And if he needs a new MoBo which ones can he use the MVNe as the boot drive so he can transfer windows and all his games and school info over.

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  • That does not look like a standard motherboard in that system which means it would be next to impossible to switch cases with it. If you were to buy another motherboard I'd just copy over whatever files you need to a separate drive, wipe the nvme drive, do a fresh install and then attach the separate drive to load your files. I have recent experience with just swapping a boot drive from system to system and it....worked. it's not supposed to though and I wouldn't trust it. Also if he's really into games 1 drive with 512gb probably isn't enough space for long. If cost is a concern I'd really look into modding the current chassis. With a little bit of time you could put plexiglass windows in and add lighting and make it look pretty cool. My kid is just getting into wanting RGB lighting but I haven't been forced yet to mod his Dell lol.

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