HP 230 PSU Upgrade issue

Hi there,
I just bought the 24pin to 18pin adapter so that I can put a 750w psu into my HP Z230 workstation.
It all fits OK, but I get an error on boot.
Power button LED goes red and four beeps, which the manual says is a PSU overload issue. I tried with two different make/model PSU, same issue, any dieas on what could be the issue please?


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  • ian Sadler that normally means that you either have a defective or wrong adapter cable.

  • Jbigticket23 Thanks for the reply

    I got a new cable from Amazon, the suppliers were great and gave a refund on the original and sent a new one.

    Same problem. 

    The adapter cable is the one from your video where you do the upgrade, so I'm hoping it's the right one 24pin ATX to HP Z230...

    Any ideas on what I should do now?




  • https://www.moddiy.com/products/24%252dPin-to-18%252dPin-ATX-Cable-Adapter-for-for-HP-Z420{47}Z620-Workstation.html


    24-Pin to 18-Pin ATX Cable Adapter (30cm) for for HP Z420/Z620 Workstation using Top quality UL1007 18AWG

    Compatible with HP Z230/Z420/Z620 systems having 18 pin power connector in motherboard

  • I am having the same beeping issue with my z220 and evga 750W PSU did anyone ever sole this issues?

    • Matthew Lattanzio Nope, I've ordered one off modDIY.com, it should be here in a week or so.

      I'll let you know I get on when it arrives.


      Kes :-)

    • Matthew Lattanzio So here we are a week or so down the line.... The adapter from modDIY.com arrived yesterday.

      Exactly the same problem.

      I'm getting some professional help (for the PC) week after next. I'll let you know what happens.



    • ian Sadler I'm sorry to hear that you are still having problems.  Does the system boot up properly when you re-install the stock hp power supply?

  • Yup, system is fine. I'm using it now.

    I'm beginning to wonder if it might the PSU fan connecter being an incorrect pin out or volatage now.

    Time will tell.

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