T7600 Cloning Failed, Work-around

I successfully cloned my Samsung 500GB SSD to a new 1T Samsung SSD with FSS Casper.  However, cloning failed 3 times with Error 21 when I tried to clone my 1T Seagate drive to a 6T Toshiba.  Error 21 is a problem with the source drive (D) and it may be a problem with the cables.  Someone on this forum mentioned that the SATA connections in the the Precision's drive bays sometimes come loose, so it might be that.

I have a question that relates to that and also about the work-around that a friend suggested, which is to simply copy the D drive to the Toshiba drive.

My question is basically, does the system identify the drives by their drive letter, or by the drive's bay position?

If it is only the drive letter, then I should be able to move the D source drive to a different bay and try cloning again with the better SATA connection.

If that doesn't work and I copy D to H (the Toshiba drive), I might be able to remove the D drive and change H to D by renaming it.  Would it matter which bay the new D drive is in?

This is even more complicated because my 1T D drive holds all my Microsoft folders like Documents and OneDrive, plus some Program files and things of that sort.  (My SSD boot drive uses the OS, etc.)  So I am being as careful as I can be to not plunge ahead and create a mess.

I'm a cartoonist, and mainly do graphics and video - not so much games.  I apologize for posting here.  But I am so grateful to read posts from people who appreciate this beautifully designed PC.  So thank you if you are reading this.

Here are my specs, and I will try to post a little drawing of the T7600 HDD layout I have.

T7600 Precision Workstation

CPU: 2 x  Intel Xeon Four Core E5-2609 0 (2.4Ghz, 10M, 6.4GT/s)

32GB (4x8GB) 1600MHz DDR3 ECC RDIMM

1 PNY NVIDIA Quadro M4000 Graphics Card VCQM4000-PB

1300W PSU

Windows 10 Pro 64bit


Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E1T0B/AM) Boot


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  • A friend tells that the system normally recognizes a drive by its volume label.

  • This could be a UEFI issue.  The 1TB drive would work in legacy mode, but the 6TB would require UEFI to function properly in windows.

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  • Can I guess that in addition to your my documents and program folders you have actual work saved on this 1tb drive and you need more room? If I might make a suggestion. Sorta involves re doing the setup. Yank both hdds from the system and re install windows and all your programs to the SSD. Install your 1tb and 6tb hdds to the system. Make sure the 6tb is initialized and ready to go. Tell windows where to save files. One of the storage options will have things like install programs to here save files to there sort of thing. Then just copy not clone the files you need from your 1tb drive over to your 6tb drive. 

    Prerequisites for doing this. Latest bios version, set bios to uefi and make sure anything to do with legacy is turned off. SATA mode to ahci. Secure boot off.

    If you need actual cloning done I've also always done that outside of windows either with an external drive dock and a clone function or with a live copy of clonezilla. After the clone the 6tb drive will need expanded back to a 6tb drive.

    And yes you need to be on a uefi installation regardless to use that 6tb drive.

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