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Hello, I recently purched a T7910 To transform into a spectacular gaming pc. I initially installed: 1 NvMe m.2, 970 evo plus with StarTech adaptor and 2080 super; the pc came with 4x 8gb or ram and 2x 8core E5-2630v3 cpu @2.4Ghz. I have since added a second M.2 (same as previous) and upgraded cpu to E5-2667v3 cpu @3.4Ghz. All an all this thing has the potential of being a super beast, but for some reason when I game and stream (exmp. Red Dead Redemption 2) my GPU started going through the roof. Task manager says WMD.exe is going running super tasked and Streamlabs obs is also Very high. I know people that don't have the power this pc has and game/stream fine, so any tip or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Additionally the cpu E5-2667V3 were just installed and all worked fine with the originals, but i don't see how the cpu running smoothly would cause the GPU to spike, also the percentage for Streamlabs and WDM were continuously at a 30-45% ussage.

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  • I would suggest doing a bit of testing. 1. Remove the second NVMe drive and see how it goes. I have heard that only 1 ea. NVMe drive CAN be used in the T7910, so MAYBE that would be a good start. I personally cannot see how that could affect the GPU issues, but we have all seen strange things happen with our builds. I would be interested to hear what you find/found out.

  • Your still running a dual cpu configuration? Maybe more memory to get the system to a true quad channel for both cpu's. Atleast look at the owners manual and determine if the ram is in the right slots. Here is the memory layout. What you would have would be dual 16 (D16) 

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  • These CPUs have 4 memory channels each.  You now are only using 2 channels/CPU.  If you can afford it, you may want to add 4 more memory RDIMMs.  This seemed to have a significant effect on throughput on my machine.  

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