mysterious Performance issue happens to my HP Z440

I built a HP Z440 recently with E5-1630V3 CPU, 2x8GB 2133 RAM, GTX1080 GPU, and installed windows 10. Based on CPU benchmark, I thought it should be able to run Borderland 3 at least over 60FPS in 1920x1080 at ultra quality, but not matter how I setup the BIOS and windows power plan, it can only reach 35FPS, and the CPU utilization is almost at 80%, which is far below 61FPS of another my PC which has x5680 CPU, same GPU, with  22% lower in single core and 10% higher in multi-core CPU bench mark. And when it ran the game, the CPU fan was quiet. So I decided to run a CPU monitor tool, HWMonitor_x64. And then something very strange happened, after I ran this tool, the performance of the same game jumped a lot, to over 70FPS, and the CPU utilization got even lower to only around 20%~30%, but I can hear the fan ran faster, and GPU fan seemed getting faster either. I close HWMonitor, and the good performance was kept. I reboot windows, and the it went back to bad performance again. I try multiple games, and all the same, the performance get more than doubled after I ran HWMonitor. And I tried a few other tool, include intel XTU, no one else did the same trigger. 

I tested CPU, all passed. So I suspect if it is possible the z440 motherboard may have some issue on sensor, fan or something else, and the function HWMonitor used just triggered something to get around the issue and make windows can correctly read the CPU temperature or utilization. 

have anyone encountered the similar thing or it is just this one, any one knows what caused this issue? Is it the motherboard damaged and need to be replaced? Thank you. 

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  • I found Speccy has the same effect as well. I set to run Speccy automatically when the computer starts before I know the answer and fix the root cause.

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