T3600 with E5-1620 100% usage

So after three units sent to me by PC Parts and Supply, I have finally been able to get this machine loaded with windows, installed a GTX 1080, and get the 2nd hard drive to be detected. This unit shipped with an E5-1607 CPU. I had a E5-1620 CPU left over from my HP Z420 that I wanted to swap. When I did, windows ran like crap and the CPU was constantly spiking at a near constant 100% usage. I was about to contact the reseller once again before putting the E5-1607 back in just to test, and now windows is running smoothly again. I believe the e5-1620 was a fully functional chip when I used it last. Any ideas on what might have caused this issue? I was thinking maybe the chip wasn't seated properly, but I suspect if that was the case the system would not have booted up. I also thought maybe I didn't have the cooler seated all the way down but that didn't seem too likely either. I might try to order a E5-1650 or E5-1660 for this system but I'm afraid that maybe this system won't work well with it. Any thoughts? All the CPU's I tried are V0.(1)

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  • Hello!

    Have you tried cleaning the contacts on the underside of the cpu? Sometimes oils from fingers can cause such issues. Another is to check the cpu in another machine if you have one. Also make sure your thermal paste is applied correctly 

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    • stormson weathers Funny you should mention this. I have gotten some thermal on the underside and had cleaned the surface the 97% running alcohol. I figured that would be fine. Thanks for the info. I might try to reclean it and try it again later. I'm probably going to with a e5-1650 for this system anyway. 

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    • Chris Clark Were you able to resolve your issue?

    • stormson weathers You can close this if you need to. I'm waiting on an E5-1650 v1 to put in this system. Hoping I don't have the same issues with that one. The system is steal running the E5-1607 v1 just fine. 

    • Gorilla Warfare I have a e5 1650 already on the way! Wish I would have seen this sooner!

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