Precision 5810 odd power cables

I recently acquired a T5810 with the 825w power supply.  This machine has 2 pcie power cables in it I cannot seem to find what they are from.  They are both solid 8 pin connectors.  One goes to the regular vga1 pcie power connector on the power board, and the other goes to the normally empty cpu connector to power the other 8 pin.  I use these on my Vega 64 without issue.  I cannot seem to figure out anything about the cables, I can't find anything on the dell part numbers on them.

The picture is the strange 8 pin to cpu connector adaptor.  Its part number is DP/N 03H4HG.

The other cable is a DP/N 0FXWMM.

Together these give me two 8 pin connectors.  The Vega draws a LOT of power, and the dell seems to run fine with this setup, and it is clean.  I just have never seen one setup this way.  If anyone can find what these cables are from, they may help with a bit better power setup for bigger video cards.

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  • The Precision T5810 workstations with the following power supplies came bundled with the following GPU auxiliary power cables:

    • 425W - no auxiliary power cables
    • 685W - 8-pin to 6+2-pin cable
    • 825W - 8-pin to 6+2-pin and 10-pin to 8-pin.

    There may have also been some 685W Precision T5810 workstations that came with a 8-pin to two 6-pin cable depending on the selected GPU.

    The 10-pin to 8-pin DP/N 03H4HG cable is the following:

    Customer kit to convert unused CPU power socket to 1 x 8-pin GPU power.
    SKU: 470-ABHM

    The following part can come in handy from the Precision 5820 tower :

    1 x Adapter 6+2 connector to 2x 6+2 connectors (Dell Part# 492-BCQP ) :

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  • I should add, I've had zero luck ordering the Dell Part# 03H4HG 10-pin to 8-pin cable from Dell Spare Parts even when I gave them the SKU and part number, they weren't able to source it. Others have tried with no luck either.

    I gave up trying to order it from Dell and made my own cable.

    For the 10 pin connector, I ended up ordering the following parts:

    Pack of 5 Molex Mini-Fit Jr 5557 10-pin housing :

    Pack of 100 Molex MINI-FIT 5556 Series Crimp Terminal :

    I used heat resistant wiring harness tape, braiding, color coded wires of correct gauge and 6+2 GPU power connector and made the cable myself with a crimp tool.


    Fortunately I was able to pull a cable out from a 825W Precision T5810 to see what the pin outs were for the 10-pin connector. 

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  • douglask--

    Re: Fortunately I was able to pull a cable out from a 825W Precision T5810 to see what the pin outs were for the 10-pin connector. 

    Would you be willing to share the pin-out?  I can't find one anywhere, and I've been looking forever.  We're talking about the normally unused (with the 685W PSU) connector that sits at the right edge of the board, perpendicular to the others, correct?  Thanks very much, T.

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