Choosing storage config for an existing setup

Hi all

New here but not new to building my own PCs...

I'm upgrading my existing setup and the guide here was extremely helpful

org setup:

Z600 v2 


24GB DDR3 12800 ECC

1* 1.6TB INTEL DC S3510 SSD


(Yes, this system has not been upgraded since 2011...)


main goal is to add as much as possible to its gaming abilities for my kid and me, and since my kid also has a YouTube channel to be able to do some capture and editing.


System chosen upgrades are as follows:


48GB DDR3 12800 ECC (i only have 8GB sticks to add at the moment, might get 16s later)

EVGA 1660 SUPER SC ULTRA, just cause this is what i had on hand in the 1660 super line in the store

at the moment the NVME option is not in the budget... :(


And now we are coming to the question i have

I don't know how impactful it is to have my system(win10) and my games installed on the same SSD.

is it really, recommended that i add another disk for games?

On this board i can add 3 or 4 more drives and i have both 1.6 TB SSD and a few 2TB HDDs i can add

Also, on this board i can use raid 0 for example, would adding that second SSD to my boot drive in raid 0 be worth it in terms of performance? (I have a raid 5 8TB NAS, so lets assume i don't need to keep the OS drive protected)

not sure if the sata bus would hold the speed for a raid0 and give any actual results

and not sure if the power budget on this machine can hold the extra CPU, the upgraded GPU, the extra memory and also allow for extra drives (is there an upgraded PSU for this WS?)


Plz help me figure out, what is the best way to enhance the performance of my system in the storage config department.


Many many thanks in advance

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  • HP Z600. 2 x Xeon X5672.

    24 Gb ddr3 10600R.

    GTX 1070 8Gb.

    2 x SSD 360Gb RAID 0 (for disc "C" - System, "E" - Work) ; 128 Gb SSD NVME  ("D" for game, Z600 don't boot from NVME disc!!!)

    Xonar D1


    1. Disc C - RAID 0 (SSD 2 x 360Gb "made in china")

    2. Disc D - SSD M2 NVME (128Gb "made in china")

  • that actually upon better inspection gives me the answer i needed for the raid0 question

    since i do not intend at the moment adding an NVMe disk to the system, especially for games, would it still be better to put my OS and Games on different drives where both of them run of the on board SATA controller?

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