T5500 Dual X5680 36gb msi rtx2080ti gaming x trio :power issue on gpu load

Hi folks. Appreciate any suggestions to solve my power supply issues for running msi rtx 2080ti gaming x trio on the T5500 dual cpu with the 875watt psu.

I have tried under windows 10 and Ubuntu: irrespective : when I put the gpu on load the system turns off. To be clear, the system boots into either OS fine, and I can run light workloads fine. I am doing machine learning and running several machines to speed up the research.

(Main workstation was running the 2080ti, then upgraded to a 3090) . It would help immensely to be able to run the 2080ti on the unused T5500. However no matter what cable splitter combo I try (card has 2x8pin and one 6 pin) it still shuts down on heavy load or random continuous load. Tried splitting 6pin to dual 8, 2x convert 6 to 8plus two Sata to one 6pin pcie... doesn’t work. Read somewhere it’s related to the ampage limit per lane for the psu?

sanity check: the 2080ti card works fine on my primary system , and the T5500 will happily run the EVGA Titan X Maxwell card (1x8pin + 1X6pin) with no problem. Unsprisingly the ml training runs almost 3 times slower on the Titan v the 2080ti which pushes training times to almost day long etc. So being able to use the faster card would really help). 

my question is: is there another dell psu that would be compatible on the T5500 that can support 2xpcie8 + 1x6? Or any other suggestions ! Thank you

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  • I don't think your going to find a dell psu that has that. However that's still an atx standard psu in the 5500. You can get any atx psu of equal or higher wattage and choose what connections it has available. Not knowing a 5500 personally as far as cable management goes I'd look for a full modular psu so you can pick, choose and add cables as needed. 

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