Precision T3610 no signal, no boot.

After having done all suggestions, I still have no signal, no boot. Last thing I did was try to load an OS(Dell factory image based on Service Tag). from a usb and it did not work.  Got a message that it was unsuccessful  I then switched to safeboot and rebooted and have been without signal/boot ever since.  last time I got a signal. Have done the thorough reset- removing cmos battery and holding buttons while unplugged. Nothing. nv295 video card. Have yet to pull and wash down ram and video card contacts. This was a barebones system, no hdd but 16 gb ram, no os. It all happened after changing to safe boot in the bios. I was warned. . , Yesterday, before any problems occurred, the computer passed its own thorough internal testing.  It was then I tried to load the os 
I think with some of these older workhorses, everything needs to be jiggled around, connections check etc and they sometimes just magically work after the fifth attempt or some such nonsense. I got myself into this mess and don't want to overthink the solution.  Any feedback. I know the list of all the things that could be at issue causing this but , looking for any reference.  Thanks

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  • David Gordon Do you have another graphics card that you can try in the system?  The NVS 295 Graphics Cards have a relatively high failure rate.  They can also be fussy about certain monitors.

    • Jbigticket23 . Yes I do. AMD cards.  Somehow got the notion that this T3610 had graphic card restrictions in the bios.  The point was- I had just changed over to safe boot in the bios and never got a signal again. Still, I will continue to follow your suggestions. I am concerned I somehow wiped out the default bios and it won't revert out of safeboot. Shows my lack of understanding in general. Thanks for responding. I am learning.

    • David Gordon This is my second Precision. My first is a T1650 with an I7 3770 and 32 gigs ram. It is a competent and well-built machine in spite of my tinkering. I appreciate what you guys are doing here. Thanks

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