Best cheap gaming rig that's good

It's been discussed but I'd like to give my 2 cents. I just purchased my second Dell T5810. This one is for my boy to replace a dated optiplex. I considered building from the ground up. Anything decent is stupid money for me. I bought the 5810 from eBay. 200 bucks free shipping. Came with the 685w psu, e5-1650v3 cpu and 16gb ram. 4z4gb ecc 2133 memory to be exact so it's running quad channel. As most of you will have some stuff to carry over like me that's one hell of a value. I re used his 250gb Sata SSD boot drive and here is something new I found by accident. I took it out from his optiplex and stuck it in. The 5810 booted right into windows no problem and activated it. The 5810 did not have a license.  Now it does. I then did a clean install of windows after that. Other than that I'll be adding a striped storage space pool from the old PC that contains his games. I also bought a gtx 1070. At the time writing this that's the best value GPU on the market right now. Going for around 300 bucks and has equal performance to a 1660 super or an rtx 3050. Both of those cards are going for much much more. So all in I have about 540 bucks into a full gaming PC. He's on a 1080p monitor so it should play just about everything at max settings.  Obviously as times settle down the GPU can be upgraded and the max cpu that can go in this is an i7-6950x. Those can be had for about 250 bucks on eBay. 10 cores with decent speed. That would make this machine comparable with a i9 9th gen cpu. 


So for anyone reading this wanting to get into a good PC for cheap I'd go after one of these. I'd advise against going older and any newer just isn't cost effective yet. I've done alot of things to my t5810 that I use not for gaming that I didn't discuss here. It's not relevant to being cheap but there is alot of headroom with these if your willing to tinker.

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  • Update. Installed an e5-1650v3 in my kids 5810. Stock everything I can clock it to 4.0ghz all cores. Higher than that the cooler needs upgraded. That's still a decent upgrade seeing the it clocks down to 3.6 under load stock.

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  • Nice! Congratulations ! Is it possible to boot from NVME drives?

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  • I don't have one, but I have seen videos were they have.

  • Rob Frank most corporate machines have a volume w10pro license in the bios, doesn't have to have a sticker with windows on it. Please tell us about nvme booting and a list of known E5-26xx v3 Xeons for upgrade.

  • Sorry for late reply. I literally have not touched either of my pcs in months. Nice weather means more work for me and less time to play with computers. Nvme booting works fine on the 5810. On my own I use an Asus quad card adapter. Not only does it support nvme boot but bifurcation which means you can run multiple off of one pcie x16 slot. I run the newest bios version.  As for CPUs I don't mess with the e5-26xx too much. I try to stick with CPUs that have unlocked multipliers. The e5-1650v3 works great. I have purchased an e5-1680v3 for mine. It works and overclocks but I have been having trouble with a hard lock on amperage set by the bios. 8 cores can draw over 200 amps in a hurry when overclocking. At some point I will have time to play again and re write some of the bios to let me clock higher......or melt stuff on my motherboard. So my best recommendation is a 1650v3 and use throttle stop. Stock cooler you can run a stable 4.2ghz all core turbo which is very respectable. Upgraded cooler you can run 4.7 to 4.8ghz. 

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