Dell t7610 power supply damage


‘I came to know about green PC gamers through your YouTube channel. It’s is really wonderful presentation there for lot of hardware related issues. Really appreciate your efforts .


I am having some issues in my t7610 which is related with power consumption.

this my Dell t7610 config

it has dual slot of Xeon but currently running single cpu Xeon 

72gb ram two Quadra k6000.

1300 watt power supply 

The problem I encountered is this that at certain moment my PC get shot in power supply and shuts down , due to this my main electricalso get tripped .

Once I revert back and tried to switch on the machine it trips again. 

‘It is a power supply failure and I had to replace with another

power supply of 1300 watt 


which was working fine then again same situation happened it tripped and make full machine shut down and never starts again


aftter a taste I realised it is shot also .


this machine was working fine with two graphics card and never have any issues . While both this shutdown happen while GPU rendering was going on .


what could be the issues ?


according my guess is it because it needs another xerox cpu? In dell pdf it is mentioned it can support two gpu with one Xeon 

‘and three gpu with two Xeon .


i guess you will have some answer.



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  • Hi, it sounds like you may have load issue with your home wiring. Sometimes depending on how the house is wired multiple outlets share the same circuit breaker and when too many high powered items such as AC units are plugged into those outlets and running at the same time it will eventually trip the circuit . Try moving the PC to another outlet or find out what other items is sharing that same line. This happened to me in my own home and when I moved some stuff around it stopped.

  • In case of a PC related power issue you can try running with a single card (or a non k6000 card) and if it still works, swap with the other and try again. Reseating your RAM sticks, pcie cards and checking for airflow while you got it open can be a big help, too.

  • @arup_sanyal I would agree with Stormson.  My first guess is that the issue is being caused by the wiring in your building/home.  Are you able to move the system to an outlet on a different breaker? 

  • Hi Stormson , 

    ok will try that and update the result here.

    Many thanks for quick help on this..

  • stormson

    also to mention that this two time my power supply got damaged and can not be repaired . So I had to put power supply from other unit.


    In your personal experience is that once this trip occur the power supply will get fully damaged?  


    Is there  chance damaging motherboard etc?

  • Jbigticket23


    I see , will check this step.

    thanks for help .

  • Arup sanyal  No problem, Oh, were you able to get your system working?

  • Arup sanyal sorry for missing your last question, sometimes when a power supply stops working is usually a blown fuse (depending on make/model) in some power supplies. In my case just my house breaker tripped because a microwave oven was on the same circuit, but none of my items were damaged.

  • Hi stormson,

    I am not lucky in this case both the time 1300 watt power supply got damage 

    Engineer says some IC got damaged and that part of dell IC hard to get easily. But trying.  Meanwhile have other dell 7810 to work with ..

    In my case I have AC but it never causes any problem earlier even though power surge happen for a sec when AC starts . 

    ‘So let’s see what happens now . Now I am putting in different outlet and for the moment will not use AC .


    in my idea since it has one processors can it be the issue ? SInce two k6000 is total 24gb 

    ‘in dell pdf they mentioned k5000 but I see no mention k6000


    Also one of ram has some issues seems because while booting the F1 screen comes where it tells dell ram management has detected some problems but after pressing F1 it works as normal never created any other problem so far .


    so I guess I have to remove that ram too ...

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