HP Z620: The power supply enough for 2x RTX 2080 graphics cards?

Hi, I currently have an HP Z620 Workstation with 2 Intel Xeon E5-2670, 64gb DDR 3, 2x SSD SATA and 1x HDD 5400RPM SATA with 1x RTX 2080 and Power Supply 800W.

I want to add another graphic card, 1x RTX 2080 Super.

My question is with this power supply Is it enough? If not, what power supply could you use and if possible change it?


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  • Attention JBTicket 23 or whomever...   Have a similar question as jramos, but my Z800 has the 1110W psu and would like to install dual 1080Ti's (SLI not needed or wanted as my only purpose is graphic rendering for this rig). 

    The wattage is there, but don't see enough power plug outlets, and wondering if duals would force using the Founders Edition blower for cooling instead of open air fans..    suggestions appreciated.    

  • jramos  You should have plenty of power to run an RTX 2080 Super GPU.  Keep in mind, there will be some strong bottle-necking.


    Billy Sheers in theory you have enough wattage to run 2 independent GTX 1080Ti cards independently.  However, the issue that you'll run in to is finding enough power rails for the 2 cards.  Please share the results if you attempt the install.

    • Jbigticket23      Haven't been able to find any messages in any forums from HP / nVidia or elsewhere with specific details of dual card installs of GTX 1080 or higher in an HP Z800.    If any that you know of, or any youtube posts showing detailed instructions, please post links..       ...and on that subject, jBigticket23 video used all 4 available power plugs for just one GTX 1080 Ti, using splitter/joiner adapters.   Would like to see a post explaining why just the 2 6pin outlets would not be enough to run the 1080 (with just one 6pin to 8pin

      addapter used).   ...so that there would be at least the 2 IDE 4pin molex outlets still available.      More detailed discussion very much appreciated....       thxs.

  • Billy Sheers why do you want to install 2 x GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards?  Are you trying to use 6 + High Res monitors at 1 time?  

    • Jbigticket23 hey Jb...     no.    am not actually a gamer at all.   graphic rendering.  and so, SLI bridge not an issue.   and apparently the Cuda and GPU mem is additive when running dual cards.   and total cuda is what cuts render times in half.   Render engines throw it all out on the GPU.   Apparently, ,some even gang multiple computers together to accomplish this.   but that's not in my budget.   (before these later GPU's, render times were in 'hours', now in minutes...   but 15 to 30 minutes still a big wait time... )    

      So...   need specifics on HP Z800 available cable use.     like why the 2 Molex IDE's and the pair of 6pins all had to be used for just one card...    and if so, ..or if not...   how to power a 2nd card.... etc.      

      Have you seen any links to forum chat where someone has done this....?     thxs Jb !!

  • Hi,


    I followed this video


    to upgrade my K4000 to a gigabytes 1080 G1 Gaming. I also got a dual 6 pin to 8 pin adapter to get it working.

    However, I plan to use K4000 solely for graphics and 1080 for computation like deep learning. Is it possible? I do find an old  unused 4 pin power cable though. 

    Any suggestions? Are the dual 6 to 8 pin necessary for 1080. I found some post suggestiong that it is not necessary like this one and this one


    Any help much apperciated.

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