HP Z620 i

Good Morning everyone

i have this config :
Case : z620 
Cpu :  2 * Xeon E5-2620 0 2.00 ghz totally 12 Cores 24 Threads 30Mb cash .
Ram : 32GO
HDD : 1Tb
SSD  : 256GB  

i want to upgrade my gpu to rx 5704gb or gtx 1050ti or even 1060 6gb for gaming

and one of my friends told me that my cpu is very weak and it will not handle very well !!

Can u guys explain to me!

Thanx in advance . 

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  • It usually depends on the type of games you play and resolution like 1080p gaming vs 4K, but your E5 should be sufficent for a 1050TI, but I would personally say to upgrade your CPU to something higher than 2.6 Ghz like a E5-2690 8 core which goes to 2.9Ghz or E5-2667 6core at 3.3Ghz  if it's within your financial means. 

    • stormson weathers also to add to your original question.

      Bottle-necking is when one device cannot send enough to data to another in a expedient manner. Such as using a GeForce RTX Titan with a intel Celeron processor. Yes the PCI bus can handle the data (that's a different issue all together) but the Celeron cannot get data to the Titan fast enough becase the Titan is asking for more data than the Celeron can give it.

    • stormson weathers sorry, E5-2667 clocks in at 2.9 and clocks up to 3.5.

  • Stormson is correct.  If you plan to upgrade to a high end GPU you should upgrade your processors first to try and avoid bottlenecking issues.  If you plan to use the 1050Ti you can stick with your existing E5-2620 Processors.

  • Jbigticket23  stormson weathers  Thank you so much my friends 

    if i just wanna play gta5 an other stuff like black ops or 2016 games would be fine ??
    i prepared to upgrade my gpu to rx570 4gb 

    Thank u guys 
    any help would be appreciated.

  • Sam The RX570 should be a decent entry level card for playing GTA5 and old COD Games.  However, I have never tested that particular model.

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