caseless/fanless s9300x2 on ebay a good idea?

On ebay i have located a seller of s9300x2s for 200, which seems reasonable given that the units have no cooling or casing.

From what I can gather these are basically two r9 fury x's on a single board, which seem to go for about 250-300 used. after tax and an aftermarket cooling solution I would be looking at about that much total for a single unit. Which seems to me to be equivalent to getting a second fury x for basically free?

I am a linux user and hence not afraid of the lack of windows support, or lack of display ports

Since the fury x is rated 61st on userbenchmark, it feels like I would be really hard pressed to do much better or even find equivalent single gpu performance at the same price. and the combined 1tb/s bandwidth is attractive for various experiments.

Am I reading this right? Is this a good deal given the drawbacks? 

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  • sun set I'm not familiar with that particular hardware.  However, it sounds like you are on the right track.

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      Jbigticket23 I ended up pulling the trigger not long after this posting, and long story short I now own three for about $750 total. They require a bit of wrangling to run and display anything off of but when between OC, UV, and +50% power cap each GPU easily pushes into sustained performance territory comparable to a rtx 2070 for about 30-40W more draw. Between that, $15 a day mining crypto, and some extra bells and whistles on the cards that are really only interesting to computer scientists i'm very happy with my acquisitions.

    • sun set Those do sound like a great deal! Cheapest I've found was $350 online so you lucked out on that!  I bought a cheap Tesla K10 myself months ago, but it ended up being a dud after I got it. 

    • sun set You'll be rich soon.

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