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I have to select a work station. As i have two youtube channels. I also have en educational videos channel. So i have to do video processing and editing as well as gaming which work station should i buy which will be fine for atleast 2-3 years. For game play as well as video editing. I want expert opinion regarding DDR3 system should i choose or DDR4 and which xeon processor is more powerfull than at least 4 or 6th gen core i7. Suggest me precision work station for my need

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  • Muhammad Sharjeel What is your ideal budget and what is available to you in your area?

  • Hello 

    Thanks for replying bro I can easily arrange T3600 precision and GTX 6GB 1060 is this would be enough from 2020 till at least 2022 or what means I want opinion from you, as you are expert in Workstations

  • In our country used branded PC's are available at cheap prices now recommend me some hardware 

  • Bro I don't want that core i7 etc because these workstations are super rock solid for years. Tell me that dual processor workstation will be good or single processor and does DDR3 system is worth to buy now or should I go for DDR4 system. Right now here is COVID-19 issue you know that after that. Means I want to select a perfect system budget can be 10-2-% +or - but you know my work gaming channel as well as video rendering etc work. 

    • Muhammad Sharjeel T3600's are decent workstations.  Plus, they are easy to upgrade. 

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    • Jbigticket23 Thanks

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