Dell T7600 motherboard with Dell T7610

Hello Guys,


I was just wondering if Dell T7600 motherboard  can be used in Dell T7610 machine?

I have dell T7600 mobo spare ready and dell T7610 mobo got spoiled ( some ICU got burned )

Also If both the dell model parts are inter changeable ? For example if I can pick some parts from Dell T7600 and use in Dell T7610 mobo  such as some ICU etc ?



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  • Arup sanyal The T7600 and T7610 us an almost identical chassis.  I am not 100% sure, but I'd bet that you could fit a T7610 Mobo in a T7600 chassis


    Other than that, most of the parts are interchangeable.

  • Hi jbigticket23,   


    Thanks for info . I mean I have opposite situation here . I want to put 7600 mother board to 7610 machine . Because original t7610 mobo got short.   Is that possible ? Original t7610 mobo with two xeon e5 2687w v2 .  In original t7610 I could put two quadro k6000 .


    Do you think is it still possible with t7600 ?



    • Arup sanyal As I recall the T7600 motherboard only supports V1 Xeon processors so if you have V2 Xeons from your T7610, those processors may not work on a T7600 motherboard. Let me know if I'm wrong about that.

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