Idle power draw for Precision 3630?

Hi folks, does anybody have real-world power drawer figures (at no load) for the Precision 3620 with and without any GPU?

I'm currently running a 16 thread E5-2650v2 with 32GB RAM and 2 HDDs in a Dell T5610 which is bankrupting me with its >100W even at light load as I leave this on 24x7. 

I have the option to get a Precision 3620 with 8 thread E3-1240v5 for about $300 which I think will give broadly the same processing grunt but I want to get an accurate idea of how much low-load power draw it will save me. Every extra watt costs me about $3 a year here in the UK.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

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  • When you say no load idle are you putting the PC to sleep? I don't have any numbers for you but if your like me I don't like to shut my PC down. I do however put it to sleep when not in use. A 3620 is smaller all around with less draw on the cpu for sure. And if you don't need 40 pcie lanes it's going to save you something considerable. Can I assume if you thinking about no GPU load you might go with a e3-1245 with integrated?

      • Jus W
      • Jus_W
      • 2 mths ago
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      Rob Frank No, not putting the PC to sleep at all: it will be running Proxmox with some VMs on, that's why I am so interested in the baseline power draw. I presume the newer gen tech (even if only by 2 years) will help power efficiency, and like you say the 3620 is smaller in scale and complexity than the T5610. I'm not sure the E3-1245 would help me as I need to passthrough the graphics to a Windows 11 VM and I'm not sure that's possible with the iGPU? I would still need a discrete GPU for that purpose.

      • Rob Frank
      • Rob_Frank
      • 2 mths ago
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      Jus W I don't know about vms or pass thru. I use virtual box time to time but nothing important and i can't do pass thru with my GPU. However the mail server. I have not tried it but there should be a sleep setting in the bios to allow network updates. I believe it specifically states something about email servers. 

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