My old xw6600 just die on me so I got myself a Z600 with only 4gb of 667mhz ram. I transferred all my devices from the xw6600 to the Z600. PCIE usb 3.0, Intel AX3000 WiFi Bluetooth pcie, Radeon HD 7750 n Quadro Q2000. The 2gb x 2 ram is killing me. So slow moving. I just ordered a Samsung 16GB 2Rx4 PC3L 1513 – 12800R – 11-12-E2-D3

M393B2G70QH-YKO. Not sure 1 stick will work on the Z600. I know 6 x 16gb no problem. Can anyone tell me confirm will work tks. 

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  • To get any benefit your platform, you will  have to upgrade in sets. A single stick will not work. 

    • stormson weathers Hi Good day so 1 stick will work right. 5 more on the way! Should I go 32gb x 6? Will it work? Tks

    • stormson weathers

    • Nagasawa Salahuddin 

  • My apology. Let me rephrase. Will the Z600 workstation boot up n work as normal? Benefit of more sticks will come later. Tks

  • Nagasawa Salahuddin Did you verify which motherboard you have installed?  Also, 32GB modules are not compatible with the Z600 Workstation.

    This is the board that will support 6 x 16GB Modules:

    Version 2 System Board PN: 591184-001 (460864-003)

    • Jbigticket23 yes I am using 6 x 16gb

  • Just boot up with only 1 stick of 16gb. Work like a charm! Waiting game now. 5 more on the way. Can see pc now so much faster n cooler! 

    • Nagasawa Salahuddin Hi Good Day I not sure if it is a problem.  I ordered a Samsung 16GB pc3l model no M393B2G70QH0 but I received model M471B1573DB0.  But the ram is working fine on the Z600.  I ordered 5 more model M393B2G79QGI earlier.  I informed shipper to change the model to M471 but shipper refused so I have to cancelled the order.  Now my question is M393 and M471m, are they the same or different model cannot be used on the Z600.  I  don't want to end with 5 unusable rms.  Thanks     

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