T3500 upgrade


Thanks guys for all modding informations about the T3500.. Im a very old user of these workstations.

Im looking for an upgrade now.. And i have 2 questions.. 

The currently using a garbage ram config. But it runs just fine with no errors at the startup, 2gb+2+4+2+2+4 its basically 16gb in total, i wanna get ride of the 2gb.. And get a single 8gb.. Im wondering if 8+4+4 will work good as a triple channel config ?

Second question is the northbride.. How can i remove the heatsink from the northbridge.. Should i just pull back the brackets ? Its running quiet hot and i want to apply some fresh thermal paste on it..


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  • anyone can offer help ?

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    • PlayedbyHatem I can't verify if your proposed memory configuration will work or not.  I try to stick to the optimized memory configurations to maximize performance.  Let me know if it you end up getting it to work.  


      There are 4 screws holding down the heatsink.  You can remove them using a philips screw driver.  Then clean off the old thermal grease from the heatsink and cpu and apply fresh thermal grease before reinstalling.  


      Do you have the upgraded copper heatsink installed?

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    • Jbigticket23 hi again, 

      Well for the ram i'm just gonna risk it, but if anyone is able to test it before i purchase the ram that will be greatly appreciate.

      I was able to mix ecc and non ecc memory in old configuration in order dimm 1 3 5 ecc and dimm 2 4 6 non ecc.. And its actually working

      For the heatsink part, im not talking about the cpu heatsink.. Im talking about the northbridge heatsink.. I will attach a picture..

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  • I think no one removed the northbridge heatsink before.. Well thanks for the help anyway,

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  • It was never meant to be removed.  However, you could remove it and reapply fresh thermal grease.

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  • Hi all,

    I have a Dell T3500, Chip W3565. Memory 24gb

    Is it  possible to upgrade to 48gb, as your youtube was showing.



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    • Iwan of course.  Just follow the steps in the video.

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