PCI fan T3600 (T5600, T3610, T5610?)

Hi all,

Any suggestions of a fix for the following? 

System T3600, E5-1660, standad cpu cooler, 40Gb DDR3 - 12800, Powercolor Red Devil RX580, 485W PSU. 

My question is the fan3/PCI fan. During gaming the CPU and memory temps increase, consequently the CPU and fan1+2 rev up accordingly. 

The GPU is working hard too up towards max temp,  however the fan3/PCI remains at idle speed 700-1000rpm. I've tried switching fan 2/3 connectors (fan works), added internal 12cm fan + zip tied 8 cm rear exhaust fans (runs at max speed, not ideal), tried reinstalling BIOS/drivers/software and programs like Speedfan / HWinFO64 (not ideal, but proved the fan works). I can change from AUTO to low/medium/high in BIOS, but that's noisy and again not ideal. 

What I haven't managed to figure out is where the temp for fan3 is sensed/picked up (a PCI slot?) My thought was to monitor the temp in HWinFO64. I guess the last step would be a complete fresh install with a cleared CMOS. 


So does anyone have knowledge / thoughts on how the fans works? I'd like to use the AUTO/PWM if possible. 


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